If you've been wondering how to get nice skin but have been unsure of where to begin, have a look at some of the tips below. These effective ideas can give you beautiful skin so soft and clear that it will make people give you a second look when you pass by. Be the envy of your friends, and start using them today.

Don't take overly long hot showers or baths

They may feel great, but those showers are doing more harm than good to your skin. The hot water and steam pulls much-needed oils from your skin which, over time, leads to it becoming dry and flaky. Instead, use warm water and only stay in the shower for the least time you need. Your skin will look better for it.

Watch how much alcohol you drink

Moderate drinking (one to two per day) is ok on your skin, but more than that can be very harmful. Excessive drinking causes your skin to overproduce oils giving you an unattractive sheen, and it can even enlarge your pores. For beautiful skin, keep the drinks to a minimum.

Exercise multiple times each week

Exercise is not only good for your body and soul, it's great for your skin. The sweat removes dirt and particles, and the physical exertion gives you a healthy glow. Even if it's just a pleasant walk outdoors once a day, your skin will benefit and so will your mood. It's a beauty double-win.

When exercising, use disposable wipes to wash your face

It's tempting to just grab that cloth towel that you have with you or to use the bottom of your shirt to rub sweat and excessive oils from your brow, but each time you do so, you are putting previously wiped oils, dirt, and other particles right back on your face. This can actually undo the benefits of the exercise for your skin. Instead, use disposable wipes; they'll keep you clean and fresh without worry. You can even keep some in your car for a quick face refresher after any strenuous activity.

Exfoliate before moisturizing your skin

If you moisturize your skin without exfoliating first, you are pampering a lot of dead skin, dirt, and particles instead of your healthy skin. You probably agree that those unwanted debris don't deserve that type of luxury treatment, so wet your skin and use a set of exfoliating gloves, an exfoliating sponge, or body scrub to remove them prior to moisturizing. Rub gently in circles over your entire body, especially any areas you know that are prone to be dry on you. After you've exfoliated, apply your moisturizer. You'll have great looking skin when taking these steps.

Get regular amounts of water into your diet

The majority of your body is water, so it should come as no surprise that your body needs it to get great looking skin. In fact, water is important for new skin cell growth, so drink those recommended six to eight glasses every day.

Knowing how to get nice skin is essential to you looking and feeling your best, and the skin care advice given here is the right first step. Put the tips into action today, and you'll be amazed at how quickly you see big changes. Your friends will notice too, so don't be surprised if a few begin to pick your brain for great skin care advice.