I will wear my skinny jeans again

Are you trying to get off that weight loss plateau? You have been moving right along, feeling great, the scale is moving downwards, then all of a sudden it STOPS! What is that all about?

This is a very common problem, especially if you are getting close to your target weight. You always hear people saying.. "I just can't seem to get rid of those last five or ten pounds". Or "Everything was going great, steady weight loss, then it just stopped, and nothing seems to be moving it"


Our bodies are very smart, and get used to a exercise routine quite quickly. A plateau, is really your body telling you.. "hey I am used to this now, try something new!" It (your body) is very efficient, and will get used to a routine, and not burn the calories you were hoping to. Here are a Three tips for getting off that weight loss plateau, and to see the scale moving again.

1. Take a exercise rest. This doesn't mean stop exercising or throwing your diet out the window, far from it... this means try something totally different for a week. If you have been using weight machines, or free weights, or resistance equipment, why not take a week, and concentrate on speed walking, or spin class or a totally different exercise.. This gives you something else to look forward to, and makes you feel great. If you are used to a treadmill, try going outside, and walking in a park. Take a friend, and try something new everyday for a week.

2. Vary the intensity of exercise. If you have a exercise routine, then why not change the routine around, and do some extra sets, or change the time of day you do your exercises. Change around your routine, surprise your body. Try some interval training, where you start off at low intensity, then speed it up in the middle, then lower it down again. Anything that challenges your body, and gets that heart pumping or breaks you out in a sweat.

3. Adjust your diet a bit. Change around when you eat can help too. Try eating your larger meal at mid day if you can. Don't lower your calories, unless you still have a lot of weight to lose. It could actually be that you are not eating enough protein calories, if you work out quite hard. But sometimes just changing your day around for your meal, can kick start your weight loss again. Anything that comes away from a routine. If you eat earlier in the day, you are likely to burn off more calories by bedtime.

Don't give up and stop. Breaking a weight loss plateau, can take some time and a bit of effort., but keep up your good work, and tweak your routines here and there. Spice up your exercise routine with some different exercises, or take a belly dancing class, or spin class, or kick boxing. or go line dancing.. anything different from what you are doing now. You will notice the change, the scale should start moving again, and you will feel better as you use some different muscles from what you are used to.

If you walk everyday, add a minute of jogging or fast walking, then slow it back down again. Do this a few times during your walk, maybe between hydro poles. This will get your heart pumping, and hopefully start to burn more calories again.

You need to challenge your body to get it off that weight loss plateau. It gets used to a routine workout, and does not burn the calories. So every so often you have to kick it up a notch, but you will get there!