Signs of Jealousy In Relationships, What To Look For

Jealousy in relationships is one of those things that in a small amount can actually be kind of fun, but if it gets too out of control it can ruin a relationship. In this case, less really is more.

We all want to feel desirable in general and to our partner in particular. It can be a nice ego boost every once in a while if your partner acts a little jealous. Sometimes they may really be jealous and other times they may just be pretending to be jealous to give your ego a little jump start.

In most cases, this type of jealousy in relationships is fine and maybe even a little beneficial (face it, we all need a little ego pick-me-up every now and then).

The trouble starts when one partner takes the jealousy to ridiculous levels. If that happens the whole relationship can be jeopardized.  If you or your partner gets unreasonably jealous over innocent daily encounters you have a problem.

Let's say that your boyfriend gets extremely upset if you smile at or are friendly to a waiter every time you go out to eat. That is the type of behavior that is unreasonable and unhealthy.

If that happens, your boyfriend has some issues that he should deal with. If they aren't dealt with, they could eventually make the relationship unbearable for you to the point where you leave (I just used a boyfriend in this scenario, but obviously the same type of issues arise no matter who it is in the relationship that is overly possessive and jealous).

People who are overly jealous usually have two main issues that will often go hand in hand: they have very low self esteem and / or they have been cheated on in the past and no longer trust.

Either one of those issues can cause serious problems in any relationship, if your partner has both of those issues going on it can make your relationship virtually unbearable.

For most people, counseling will be required to move on and get over these issues. These unhealthy behaviors were learned at some point and they can be un-learned, with the proper guidance.

You and your partner don't have to deal with jealousy in relationships. It is unhealthy and not at all conducive to a loving, trusting, healthy relationship. If one or both of you has these issues, don't wait, find someone who can help you get over it right away.