PlayStation Plus is an exclusive, subscription based, online service for the PlayStation 3. Being such a new service, there is a bit of confusion as to how one can subscribe to the service, and all the ways you can do so.

Many people are still wondering about how to get PlayStation Plus. There are currently two ways to do so, and the third way is in the works. One way to get PlayStation Plus is by taking a visit to the PlayStation Store. Upon arriving there, you will already see ad's that are promoting the PlayStation Plus service. After clicking on one of these ads, you will see that you can either pay by credit card or use a PlayStation Network card in order to purchase the membership. However, there are many gamers who do not have access to credit cards. Let's face it, many gamers are either under the age of 18 or dependent on their parents. So instead of paying via a credit card, focus on these two ways to be able to subscribe to this new service.

Membership for PlayStation Plus costs $17.99 per 3 month time periods and $49.99 every one year. If you were to pay by using funds off of a PlayStation Network Card, that means you would need to purchase a $20 PlayStation Network Card at the minimum. You can purchase one of these cards at your local Walmart, WallGreens and more. You can even order it over the internet. After making your order, though, you will need to redeem the code on the back of the card on your PlayStation 3. This code will give you virtual funds that you can squander. After receiving the virtual funds, you just order the PlayStation Plus membership and you'll actually receive it without having to use a credit card.

The second way, and soon to be the most popular way, of getting PlayStation Plus membership is by a prepaid time card. Sony has said that these cards are currently in development and will be available for purchase soon. But these cards basically serve the same purpose that the Xbox Live prepaid cards serve. You would purchase a PlayStation Plus prepaid card, and then you would notice a code on the back. When you redeem the code, you will be given your membership, without having to use neither a credit card nor a PlayStation Network Card. It's a much quicker and cleaner process then the previous two.

These are currently the only ways of getting PlayStation Plus membership. If you have any questions, be sure to leave a comment.