Many of us newbies can't wait to get preapproved -- not only that we can publish the articles immediately after writing them, we can also get a big seal of approval as a writer, and a sense of belonging to the Infobarrel family.

I am not an expert on Infobarrel at all; in fact, I just got my preapproval status a couple of days ago.

I learned from others that it took them 30+ articles and almost a month to get it done, so I'd like to share with you how I achieve this status in the shortest time possible: exactly 14 days after joining and with only 10 articles.

1. Write Longer, More Indepth Articles

It is quite obvious that Infobarrel prefers quality, in-depth writing. If you look at their monthly contest, 1 point is given when an article is written with 500 words, 2 points are given with 800 words and 5 points for 1,000-word articles. In other words, an article with 1,000+ words is equivalent to five decent but shorter, 500-word articles, at least in the eyes of the Infobarrel editors.

So I would think that if you are willing to invest your time and effort to write longer, more detailed articles with at least 500 words and ideally 1,000+ words it can show your commitment.

In my case, for the first 10 articles I submitted, 3 articles have almost 500 words, 5 articles have 500-1000 words, and 2 have more than 1,000 words.

2. Do The "Things To Do"

Under the "Things To Do" tab, you can pick and choose some preselected topics in the form of articles and overview. I picked three titles from the "overview" pool: Austria, South Africa and Spain and wrote a detailed article for each of them. The reason why I choose to write these "country profiles" is that I really want to learn more about the country itself, and since they are all about countries, I can write much faster after settling with a certain style and format.

In a more practical point of view, I know these articles will be frequently (and automatically) linked to other Infobarrel articles if fellow writers put down the name of the specific country in their articles. I also believe that by taking part in writing overviews, it again shows my commitment to the Infobarrel community and it helps my case to get preapproved as soon as I am qualified.

3. Write A Variety Of Articles

If I were Infobarrel, the last thing I want to see is a writer keeps writing and rewriting the same topic for the purpose of creating self-serving backlinks.

The way to show Infobarrel that you are not one of them is to write a wide variety of topics, and write on something that's not leading the readers to somewhere else.

Writing overviews is probably one of the best ways to achieve this because Infobarrel wants us to write about them; but if you don't fancy writing from a list of pre-set topics, then at least for the first 10 articles you should write something that is not too commercial or promotional.

For me, I wrote a bunch of "fun facts" articles that seem to be well received. They probably won't generating a lot of revenue because of lack of optimal keywords, but at least they are very helpful in establishing me as a serious and committed writer for this platform.

Here is a sample for your reference:

4. Abide To The Infobarrel Rules

You would think this is a no-brainer, but it's so easy to break the rules as a new writer here! I personally got 3 articles denied: the first one is about including 3 "self-serving" links. In fact, these are not at all self-serving but it does indirectly point the reader to another webpage, which Infobarrel tries to minimize (understandably). So please note that by "self-serving" it basically mean any external links that you may or may not affiliate with.

How about the second and third mistakes? I actually wrote a bunch of articles way back in another web 2.0 platform but decided to move them to Infobarrel for a try. I made the stupid mistake (twice!) of forgetting to delete these articles in the original site before publishing them in Infobarrel. Needless to say, they were denied publications. Thankfully, Infobarrel figures out these are careless mistakes because they immediately approve the articles once I remove them from the other site.

I understand that I'm not the only person who is trying to move some of those articles from ehow, ezinearticles, hubpages etc to Infobarrel. Just make sure you delete them over there first.

Another tips: do save a copy somewhere in your computer. I haven't encountered any glitches yet, but from what I read from the comments and forums it seems to have happened before here.

5. Show Professionalism

I am not a professional writer, but I would like to show professionalism in all my articles. For example, if I use an image, I state the source at the end of the articles, even if they are from Wiki Common and are listed in public domain. For flickr photos, I will only include the workd of those who opt for creative commons and give them proper credit.

Another way to show professionalism is to have minimal typo (don't just rely on spell-check. Got to proof-read!) and be consistent with the format, e.g. capitalizing the first letter of each word in the sub-headings. It also helps a lot if you break out long articles using sub-sections or bullet points.

6. Join The Community

I can't say I am very active in Infobarrel yet, but I did at least respond to comments in my pages -- this is just a courteous thing to do, and I would think it again shows your commitment to the community. I haven't gone as far to participate in the forums yet, so for the sole purpose of getting preapproval, I would think some sort of interaction with the fellow writers is sufficient.

7. Or Maybe I am Just Lucky?

Finally, I have to say maybe I am just lucky to get preapproved quickly. Maybe Infobarrel has hired more reviewers to speed up the process... who knows. But the point is, I do think that if you implement some of the steps mentioned above, it won't hurt you at all in the preapproval process. So why not? Best of luck, and hope to hear your thoughts in the comment section!