One of the fundamental differences in those blogs that are successful and those that are not is the amount of repeat traffic that comes back to the blog time and time again. Building a blog with repeat traffic gives the blog owner the power to continually increase their traffic, influence and potential to make money when blogging online.

This article will help you discover new ways you can make your blog sticky to all those that visit it; you will learn what creates a repeat visitor and how you can keep them coming back for more.

Method 1: Offer a great, free product

Try creating a very powerful resource that people can frequently use and reference in the future – such things as calculators, a free infoproduct, video courses and more. The point of offering great, free products is that it will immediately add value and credibility to yourself and create an authority figure within your niche.

Method 2: Get them to sign up to your RSS or email list

Perhaps the best way to get people to come back to your blog is by getting them to sign up to your RSS feed or email list. In exchange for their subscription, you should provide the best possible value you can create so they come back time and time again. Include call-to-actions within your blog such as "subscribe to my RSS" or keep an opt-in box on your sidebar that lets people easily sign up for your email list.

Method 3: Guest post on other blogs

Part of blogging is your overall exposure within your blogging niche. Seek out other blogs that relate to the topics you talk about frequently and create a post on that blog; you'll not only introduce yourself to a new community but those that visit your blog will see you in new places which keeps you in their minds – and hopefully on the list of blogs they plan to visit for the day.

Method 4: Thank them

Blogging, in many ways, can be like business. After a person visits your blog, leaves a comment or another form of feedback – thank them! Thanking your blog readers will immediately build a connection between you two; the appreciation will pay off as they come back to read new content in the future.

Method 5: Connect with visitors in social media

Many bloggers are on social media sites and services such as Twitter and Facebook; don't drop the ball by only talking to your visitors on your blog – follow them over to their social profiles and talk to them in public; create a relationship.

Method 6: Comment on their blogs

Many people that come to your blog have a blog of their own. After someone leaves you a common, go to their blog and leave a comment of your own – it's like trading. By leaving a comment on their blog it shows that you're thankful for their visit and it can increase the chances they come back in the future.


As you build your repeat visitors you will continually grow your traffic which leads to many amazing things such as authority, branding, increase chance to sell advertising and make money online with your blog.

Try to create one new repeat visitor every day and within a year you will have enough people behind your blog that it becomes a wild success online – its one step at a time but no one said blogging was easy.