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Getting rich

People strive to get rich because they don't want to worry about their financial wellbeing. They want to be a philanthropist and help others, or live a luxurious lifestyle and buy fancy things. Whatever the reason is for wanting to get rich, there are steps and mental barriers one must break through first in order to reach that goal so you go from "how do I get rich" to "I am rich". This article will explain the mentality of the people who are wealthy and what they did to reach that dream themselves.

Our thinking

Think of a bunch of successful business people or motivational speakers; what is their common trait? What is it about them that made them from stepping over into the world of getting rich? The first key is their thinking and that will make or break your success in reaching the goal of how to get rich. Many people have the desire to get rich easily, but thinking that they can make it happen through their hard work and suddenly the mental barriers go up. We think that we can win the lottery or perhaps strike it lucky with an inhRich attitudeeritance, but the fact is that few ever get those breaks in life. If you want to get rich, you have to make it happen yourself and this barrier stops 95% of all people who strive to reach this goal.

There is an author that goes by the name of Robert Kiyosaki and he is famous for his book titled Rich Dad Poor Dad. His book goes into great detail about this further and I encourage you to look into the book should you want to break this poor mindset. Small thinking will lead to defeated lifestyles so don't be a slave to the mentality of "I can't do it" because you will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you sit down and make a game plan of how to get rich then you will surely come up with some brilliant ideas. Break down the barrier in your mind that you can't get wealthy and start seeing yourself in your mind that you are accomplishing your goals. Nobody sets out and instantly becomes famous, they have to push their way to the top and become the success they dreamed they were in their minds first.

Getting motivated

Motivation is the big key in our goal of how to get rich. If you see yourself able to accomplish this goal of becoming wealthy and see yourself doing what you wrote down on paper then the next step is to motivate yourself to set out and attain it. One way I always found to build up motivation for a goal I set out to accomplish was to see others who were in similar situations who are actually doing what you also want to do. In this case, it's trying to get rich and thus look for people who have blogs and websites that track their progress and tell stories about how they broke passed their barriers in their minds and how they motivated themselves. It's easy to see why humans follow this pattern of wanting to do something when they see someone else succeeding at it. That's why when we see a great movie star perform a brilliant acting job people suddenly want to imitate them and see that success become reality in their own lives. We mimic success and that's the key to getting motivated. Find people who are doing it, and then it will further drive that dream of getting rich in your mindset.

Surrounded by smart, rich people

I can't stress this one enough because the people we surround ourselves with are the influences that we will be listening to. If we surround ourselves with friends, family, and  acquaintances that are thinking negative and no good things happen to them, well by default that mindset and mentality will wear off on you. If you swap that around and surround yourself by motivated, successful, goal oriented, dream filled people then that will push off to inspire you to follow your dreams and reach them. The very reason I'm on here at Infobarrel and branching out into other passive incomGetting riche writing outlets on the internet is because I met a few awesome friends in Colorado that have huge dreams and that mentality rubbed off on me. Suddenly here I am living my successful dream of writing and making an income already. It's a slow start, but it's definitely growing and it all started because of the people I surrounded myself with and their positive aura inspired me to push myself to reach my dream of wanting to get rich.

Track your goals

Don't just set out a goal and have a desire to break that question of how do I get rich, but instead take an active approach in reaching those goals by tracking them monthly. I personally plan on writing monthly articles to track my progress on my passive income goals and see how I measure up from the previous month. If certain aspects are lagging behind I can improve them or find a new innovative way to make it more profitable. When you set out to find ways to getting wealthy make monthly goals to see how you are doing in reaching that dream. If things aren't going as quickly as you had hoped do not give up. So many people give up quickly because they don't see results, but nobody becomes an overnight success unless they strike it lucky with a hit song or new product. It takes time to attain your goal of getting rich, and it will not happen quickly. So many more people in this world could be living their financial dreams out if they had just stuck with what was working for them, just not as fast as they had hoped. If you are bringing home a income from your work and your ventures they strive to continue to build upon that success and stop looking at the numbers. This will enable you to push passed that barrier that stops so many people from reaching their desire to obtain wealth.

Grab it and own it

Now you have the building blocks for success in getting that dream status you desire of wealth and money. You know that it doesn't take luck to reach it but instead hard work, dedication, and a positive mindset. Anyone can become successful in becoming rich if they would just realize they are human like everyone else and have the same capacity to break the mold and jump out of the box and hit it big with a brilliant idea. Don't limit yourself and let your small thinking destroy you and hold you back, you are born for success. Go out there, take ownership of that status you desire, and make it happen today!