treasure hunt
Credit: google images

If you have been watching the news over the years; you have probably heard stories of accidental fortunes.  These sensations stories discuss someone finding an item and paying little if any money for it and then later on realize it's worth thousands or maybe millions of dollars.  For many people just the thought of finding such a prize fills their heads with dancing dollar signs.  While you may consider these people to just be lucky, you can find treasures too.  Tracking down these items can be much easier than you think.  Let me give you some ideas on how to locate your fortune.

  1.  Check the Attic.  If you live in an older home, don’t be afraid to take a look in that old dark and dusty attic space.  Many great treasures have been long forgotten and hidden away in this part of the house.  Go through whatever you find and anything you are not sure of have it appraised or go online to get more information about the item.
  2. Pawn Shops.  People take things that they think are of value to Pawn Shops every day.  Can you imagine the surprise of some lucky treasure hunter who comes upon a classic piece of jewelry worth thousands or millions of dollars?  Some pawn shop owners probably have no idea of the of value many of the things are that they take in.  A good eye can bring you a fortune.
  3. Trash.  Many treasures have been left right outside by with the trash.  People often clean out their garages, attics, etc. and anything that they no longer have a use for is put outside on trash day for pick up.  Take a drive around your neighborhood or more upscale neighborhoods on the morning of trash pickup and you could make the find of a lifetime. 
  4. Old Clothing.  Money and expensive items have been left in secret pockets of old clothing for years.  The next time you go to a thrift store or good will maybe you should buy a few old coats and jackets and thoroughly check the inside for hidden pockets or any place in the inside of the garment that feels unusual.  Many older people found that the best place to hide things of importance or expensive items were on their body or in their clothing.
  5. The Ground You Walk On.  If you have a metal detector you may be closer to finding your treasure than you think.  In 2009, Terry Herbert uncovered over 1500 pieces of gold and silver near his farmland.  The total weight of his find was 11 pounds of gold and 5.5 pounds of silver.  This was one of the biggest finds in British history.  Who knows what other treasures are waiting to be found right underneath your feet.

Treasures are all around us just waiting to be discovered.  No one knows when the next great discovery will be made.  Who knows, maybe after reading this article you will finally take a look in that attic of yours and happen upon the find of a lifetime.   So finish reading and begin your hunt, the next greatest treasure could be right there waiting for you.