How To Get Rid House Flies

Are flies starting to bother you?  Trying to find a way to get rid of them? 

Flies can be a huge nuicense and it is very common for their numbers to increase to the point where a simple fly swatter and killing them one by one is just not an option any longer. So what do you do when this happens? 

You have to find a way to get rid of large numbers of them  all at once!


Get Rid of Flies

Did you know that flies have been known to cause more death than any other insect? 

Sounds crazy but its true!

I was very surprised when I first heard that statement, but after learning more about them, I can see why it is true. 

Why Are Flies Harmful?

Flies feed and lay their eggs in any kind of organic waste.  (Human and Animal Feces)  They fly around and land on the waste material, and then they land on your plate of food, and BANG!

Now your have all of the germs and diseases that were on the organic material right there on your plate of food.  You unknowingly eat the food, and the germs and diseases go right into your body. 

Diseases traced to flies include:

  • Cholera
  • Anthrax
  • Dysentery
  • Typhoid

Life Cycle of a Fly

The life cycle of a fly goes like this:

  1. Adults lay about 100 eggs every few days on organic matter.
  2. 10 hours after being laid, the eggs hatch into maggots.
  3. The maggots immediately begin to eat the organic matter, and do this for about a week.
  4. The maggot then leaves the moist organic matter and finds a dry location (like under the ground, or even under a rock)
  5. A cocoon is made of outer skin of the maggot an inside the cocoon, the maggot transforms into an adult.

The whole process usually takes anywhere from a few days to a month (depending on the weather conditions)

Adults usually live a few months.

How To Kill Flies

As you can see, large amounts of flies breed in a very short time, so controlling their numbers can be an ongoing process.

In areas of your home, you can decrease the numbers by making sure that excess garbage is not sitting around.  Usually hanging a few fly strips can take care of the ones inside your house pretty quickly. (you know, the sticky ones that hang from the ceiling???)  You can also spray some fly killer around every once in a while.

In areas where manure is always going to be present (farms, etc) and animals are as well, you will not want to use chemicals in excess.  So what can you use?

How To Get Rid of House Flies 2


Electric Fly Killer

Flies can really become a nuicense to farm animals, and the animals home (barn) is a perfect location for heavy breading of these insects.  Pesticides are not ideal to spray in a barn, so the best option for this kind of location, would be an electric fly killer.

Electric fly killers come in different sizes to handle different amounts of coverage area.  You can buy them for outside your home if you have a small area that you would like coverage for, and you can also find larger, more powerful units for larger areas such as in barns.

Keep in mind however, that these electric units will kill more than just flies.  They will also kill any insect that makes its way to it.  Sometimes, however, these units are the only thing that will take care of an out of control population.

To Sum it All Up

Any amount of flies can quickly become a problem, and although they appear harmless, they really aren't.  Monitor their numbers and if and when they seem to become to overpopulated, or just plain irritating, their numbers can effectively be controlled through sprays, strips, and even electric killers.



Hot Shot Flying Insect Killer

TAT Fly Paper

These fly strips work wonderfully inside your home. The ones pictured here come in a pack of 8.

Flowtron Electric Fly Killer - for small areas

Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer, 1/2 Acre Coverage
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This electric killer is great for outside use around homes. It has a 1/2 acre of coverage area.

Flowtron Electric Fly Killer - for large areas

Flowtron FC-8800 Diplomat Fly Control Device, 120-Watt, Indoor/Outdoor
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This electric killer is for outdoor or indoor use. It will attract and kill flies up to 2 acres during outside use and up to 1200 sq ft of indoor use.

This would be perfect for using in barns and other outdoor/indoor areas.