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Bullies are a part of life, but some just go too far by making us dread everything we do. Even adults suffer the wrath of bullies in the office place. Bullying can advance from having your lunch money taken to someone taking credit for your work in the office and jumping in front of you for the promotion.

Bullying can also come in the form of rumors. Someone can start a rumor that leaves the entire town whispering about how it's a shame you're so insecure you feel the need to dye your hair.

It's time to fight back and stop the torment by showing those bullies they don't really control our lives (or the lives of your children). Not physical fights, that would just give a bully what they want, now, wouldn't it? 

Laugh At Their Hurtful Words

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Even if you want to break down and cry, don't do it. It's called "killing them with kindness". A bully's goal is just to get a reaction out of you. The ego of a bully is amplified by their audience. The chanting and other reactions help motivate a bully.

How can you take that power away? Take away the entertainment. If a bully's goal is to upset you by calling you names or making mean jokes about you, then laughing at what they is going to throw the excitement out of everything for everyone. 

No one is crying, no one is in a hurry to fight, so the audience disappears. A bully finds it less fun to torment someone if they don't have the cheers from the "fans" in the background. If they call you a mean name, laugh at it and even agree that "Yeah, I am a geek face aren't I?".

Chances are, they'll back off after trying a few times. They realize they just aren't getting the reaction they wanted. When something isn't fun anymore, they leave it alone.

Ignore Them

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Nothing upsets a bully more than being ignored. This is a little trickier than laughing at what they're saying to you because some individuals decide to get more physical. When you're ignoring someone who decides to do physical harm,it's not a good idea to continue to pretend they don't exist. You run the risk of ending up in the emergency room.

If things get to the point that you feel you're physically in danger, talk to your teacher or boss. If things persist, contact your local law enforcement. For the bullies that aren't physical are easy to deal with. Some may call your name, but if you know their intentions, it's best not to answer them at all or even acknowledge their presence.

Be Witty

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Most bullies aren't class clowns. That means they lack quick comebacks that make people adore them without fearing them. This is why it's going to be to your advantage if you're naturally witty. Use a bully's words against them. This will embarrass them and make them shy away from you.

Chances are, if you're one of the class clowns or have that kind of personality, you'll have more people on your team. If the person who's taunting you looks like they're going to do you harm, your fans will likely step in whether it be physically or by telling someone of higher authority.

You no longer have to hide in the locker or dodge anyone by heading to your cubicle as soon as you see them coming. Step out into the open with pride knowing you've got the tools you need to banish bullies everywhere and of all ages.