The eyelash base where that hair follicle is located can get infected which leads to swelling and creating a stye. It occurs when bacteria block the glands of the lid. A bump rises that can be red and painful. People can have a stye form just below the eye. A stye can also be located on the eyelid.

A stye is very often compared to a pimple. But it is incorrect to think of a stye in this way. No matter how it may look people are advise to not try to pop a stye. This can make the infection and inflammation grow.

The eye itself is usually not affected by a stye. But there are cases when a stye can lead to a wider infection of the face. This is not intended to needlessly scare people but it is something to be aware of. It should be an additional deterrent not to ever squeeze a stye in attempt to pop it.

By not doing that you increase the likelihood that the stye will just run it's course. Unfortunately for some people a stye can return from time to time. Very often a stye in the eye will heal and go away on it's own. Most medical professionals agree that someone who has a stye should figure up to 10 days for a healing period. If it is last longer you should consider seeing a doctor. People have used everyday items found in most our refrigerators or pantries to treat a stye of the eye. The is no question that a stye makes everyone subconscious about their appearance. People just want it gone.

One very basic and easy thing you can try about 2 times during a day is applying heat to the stye. Make the water from your sink hot enough as you are able to take it. Re-warm the washcloth several times during a 10-minute treatment. Warm the bump and warm all the fluid that is within it. We are trying to prompt it to start draining.

One more great home treatment you can try. And this is a simple tea bag. The ordinary tea bag can be a very useful tool to help sooth a stye. If you are looking to quickly get rid of a stye then this is very good tip. Submerge the tea bag in hot water as you would normally do. You are not going to brew the tea. Get the bag hot and then use that bag as a compress. It is very similar to the first tip. But it is the tea bag and now the wash cloth. The compress made from the tea bag. Or you can use it just like an eye patch. You want to wrap it in place if you will use it like an eye patch. It is about a 2 hour time frame that you want to apply the tea bag to the stye.