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How to get rid of toothaches: quick solutions to your problem

How To Get Rid Of ToothacheToothaches are probably the worst thing that any of us have to deal with. Not only do they hurt but they make any sort of work impossible due to the throbbing pain. Then comes the problem of trying to eat food. Eating anything is almost impossible when you have a toothache. Below are some suggestions as to how to get rid of a toothache quickly so you don't have to suffer through the pain.

Contact the dentist

Anytime you have a toothache, it is a good idea to contact the dentist and make an appointment. Usually toothaches are nothing serious but they could also be the sign of an infection. Dentists can normally make someGet Rid Of Tooth Pain At Home time in their busy schedule for people that have gotten a toothache because they know that there could be more serious underlying causes. Don't worry about paying for the visit if you are short on cash. Your health is more important so worry about the money problem later.

Rinse your mouth

One thing that you can do at home is to wash your mouth with some warm water to flush out any particles of food that may be stuck on or between your teeth. After you have rinsed out your mouth, brush your teeth thoroughly and then floss making sure to concentrate on the areas around the painful tooth.

Avoid eating

The best thing to avoid more discomfort from your aching tooth is to avoid eating food or chewing. The more pressure that is placed on the tooth, the more painful it is going to be. If you have a long wait before you can see the dentist then try drinking with a straw and eating soups instead of hard foods.


If you have been given medications in the past for tooth problems then you may want to consider taking some. If you have no medicines at home that can help with the pain then you should make a ruMost Effective Toothache Reliefn to the pharmacy and purchase some over-the-counter pain medications. These will help dull the pain and discomfort until you can get to the dentist.

Using ice

A great way to help with the pain is to actually use ice. Take a cloth and wrap it around some ice cubes. Now, place the cloth on the portion of your cheek closest to the pain. This will help tremendously with the discomfort and even help reduce the swelling that can occur.

Simple home cures

There has been a lot of attention placed on home remedies for getting rid of toothaches. Many of then will give you temporary relief from the pain and some can even get rid of it completely. Clove oil is one home remedy that has worked for many while other people have had success with tea bags placed near the painful tooth.