get rid of bats

Picture this, you are doing dishes at the kitchen sink in the evening hours, when your kids come running in for the night, and along with the kids comes a bat. To get rid of bats in the house, the first thing to do is not panic!


They are just as scared of you as you are of them. If you have just one flying around, quickly get the kids and pets out of the room and close the doors to keep the bat in the kitchen or wherever you found it. Now open all the windows and give it a chance to fly away. For the most part they will find the night air and go.

But if you have one that decides to sit and visit awhile, then quickly put a plastic container over it and slide onto a magazine or book, then go right outside and let it go. It won't fly into you, it will fly away very fast!

Don't Kill Bats!

You don't want to kill them as they are good for eating those mosquitoes we all hate. One small brown little guy can eat 4 pounds of mosquitoes a year!. We need them in our garden, we just don't want them in our house.

Now if you have had the odd one in your house, or some hanging out on your roof, you may have a problem with them taking up residence in your attic. If you are not sure, then the best way to find out is to sit outside in the dusk and watch them flying around, and see if they enter your house under the eaves, or a hole in the siding or in your attic vents. If it is April, they may be looking for a place to nest. You want to put them off your house now.

Put Them Off Your House

To get rid of them in the house or attic, you need to make it uncomfortable for them and they will leave. If they are just starting to take interest, then one really effective way that worked for us, is to shine bright light intermittently in the naturally dark attic or area they have chosen to hang out in. If you can put a big flood light in your attic for a bit each night, they won't like that.


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Flood Lights

With the flood light in your attic, you should have someone outside see where they are leaving the attic when you shine the light. These are the cracks and holes that need to be sealed up. This job will take a couple of people, so really shine that light upstairs in that attic, and someone else can help seal up the cracks. They only need 1/2 inch space to get in, they can completely flatten themselves.

To get them out of the house and attic, you need to make sure they are all out, you don't want dead bats in your attic either!. A friend of mine, put a flood light on a timer in her attic and this put off the bats, and after a few nights they stopped coming back. So, then she made sure the entrances were sealed up.

Give Them a House!

To put bats off in the house, then also try building or purchasing bat houses, if you have lots of bats in your area. These are wooden houses designed just for them, and they will be happier there. So, if you live near a lot of trees then put up a few bat houses.

You don't want to get rid of bats completely, they do a great job out in nature keeping down those pesky bugs and mosquitoes, you just want them to live in their own house not yours!