Bed bug covers also known as,  bed bug covers for mattresses, bed bug encasements, bed bug sheets and other names can be one of the most effective means of preventing and removing bed bug infestations. There is no single product or tactic that can guarantee complete removal and protection of re-infestation. Bed bugs are a serious threat and even in the most well kept homes these creatures can find their way in.

How Do You Get Bedbugs?

Apartment buildings and  condominiums or other living spaces that are connected into single units are always at risk. If one apartment or unit becomes infected it is only a matter of time before the bed bugs find their way to every unit.

Bed Bugs-Actual Size And EnlargementCredit: OneClickLearningMany times the bugs are introduced into the home when used furniture or appliances are purchased. If these items are not carefully treated before bringing them into the living spaces there is always a potential problem. Spending a single night in a motel or hotel where the housekeeping is not done properly can introduce bed bugs into your luggage which is then carried home.

Children's backpacks, coats and other belongings can be infested if they visit friends or spend a night with neighbors where there is an infestation. Bed bugs are ready and willing to climb aboard any means of transportation that carries them to a new home.

Can You See Bed Bugs?

These creatures are tiny and tend to be nocturnal. They like dark, damp places. You may not notice them until they have caused a large infestation. They will nest in any convenient location such as behind mouldings, inside the paper backing of framed pictures and behind loose wallpaper. They of course favor mattresses, box springs, pillows and bed frames as their name implies.  

How To Find Bed Bugs?

A close examination of your mattress, boxsprings and pillows is the best place to began looking for possible infestations. They are small insects 4 to 5 millimeters, (approximately  3/16') long, oval in shape and when hungry have a flat appearance. After feeding they become bloated and enlongated.

As mentioned above it is necessary to use a number of precautions to keep them from infesting your home and once they have arrived it will take a number of methods to get rid of them. I will be covering a number of tactics and products including natural, non chemical methods in additional articles.

Because the favorite meal of bed bugs is human blood and the easiest place for them to find these meals is in your beds, bed bed covers including bed bug covers for mattresses, boxsprings and pillows are the natural place to start.
Bed Bug Proof 360° Secure Zipper™ FeatureCredit: SafeRest
Bed bug mattress covers, boxspring covers, pillow covers and even crib covers are produced by a number of manufacturers. To get the best product for your investment there are a few features that you should be sure to look for when considering these products.

First and maybe most important, choose manufacturers that are lab tested and certified as bed bug proof. Some products such as the SafeRest line are registered as a Class 1 Medical Device with the FDA

Quality bed bug covers should include protection for the  the mattress from fluidMattress Encasements with Bed Bug Proof 360° Secure Zipperâ„¢ FeatureCredit: Saferests, stains, dust mites and bacteria in addition to bed bugs. Research the manufacturer's descriptions to make sure the products are waterproof and the material should be breathable. The me products should completely encase the mattress, boxspring and pillows.

How is the stitching described. It should be double seam and the zipper should be designed to make it impossible for any insect to pass through even at the closure.  Because bed bugs can be very difficult to see the covers or as sometimes called, encasements should be white in color to make it easier to spot any insects.
Quality Assurance – 10 year warrantyCredit: SafeRest

Warranties Can Protect Your Investment

Is the manufactuer secure enough in their product to offer a warranty. To insure your product purchase you should investigate the warranty policies of the manufacturer.

Bed bug covers as mentioned above are one of the best investments because they not only protect your sleeping areas from bed bugs but also offer protection from other pests and stains. They are simple to apply and need no harsh chemicals. Also a bed bug cover left on for a period of 18 months will kill any remaining bed bugs without further treatment.

Watch the video for more important information and a demonstration of bed bug covers.

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