get rid of car junk (20361)

You have seen shows, on how to de-clutter your house. How to organize down to the last item, and how to get rid of junk. But have you ever thought that you just might need to get rid of car junk?

Many people literally live in their cars. With long commutes, shuffling kids to sports and driving holidays, it can be easy, to be driving a car, that needs some serious de-cluttering!

Well, there may not be any great shows for this, and this many not make the news, but you are going to feel a whole lot better if you grab a garbage bag and the recycling bin and put on some gloves if you have to and get to it. Car junk can build up in the most horrible places.

Get Under Those Seatsget rid of car junk

Really get under those seats. If you have kids, and they eat snacks in the car, chances are there are empty containers, spoons, wrappers, old food remains and more! In the winter, we just want to get out of the car and into the house, so getting rid of car junk, doesn't tend to happen and it builds up.

But come the nice weather, all of this stuff starts building. So, either hire a student or get out there yourself and get rid of car junk and then give the car a good clean. Pull out those mats, you will be surprised what treasures are lurking under there too!

Could Have Been Killed

But all kidding aside. You need to get rid of car junk for safety too. A few years back, I had some typical items on my back seat. I worked from my car most of the day, so it would end up with all kinds of junk. I had just stopped at the grocery store and had two bags of groceries, that I could not be bothered opening the trunk for, so I sat them on the back seat with all the other stuff.

On the way home I was stopped in traffic and then was suddenly rear ended by a fast moving car. I was driving a Honda civic at the time, and he was driving a large Oldsmobile. It totaled the car, I had a few bumps and scrapes and was checked out at the hospital and was OK.

But what scared me the most, and I can still see the cracked windshield, and the policeman saying how lucky I was. Sitting on the dashboard was a can of tuna and a can of soup.

The force of the impact was enough to send anything from the back seat to the front and all over the car. I can just imagine what might have happened to me if that was my head or a passenger (luckily I was alone) all from a innocent looking tin of tuna.

The policeman was looking in the car, junk was everywhere and so were those two bags of groceries. It was like exposing your dirty laundry for everyone to see!. He said he had seen this many times before, where the occupants of the car are injured, not by the accident but the junk in the car!

I had no idea, just how quickly loose items could become lethal weapons in the car.

Get Rid Of Car Junk

Once we replaced the car, I decided to be better organized when it came to car junk and loose objects.

So, I put the groceries in the trunk every time, even if it is only one bag. I purchased car bags that fit well to the back seats for any other junk that could become a flying object.

That day scared the life out of me, and I can still see that chipped windshield from the inside from the tin of tuna. It is bad enough that hot coffee in my console went everywhere, but that can really bothered me.

So, try to remember that you car is not your living room, and that accidents do happen. Try to keep your car as clean as possible and get rid of junk. Secure it in the trunk, or in the glove box, anywhere to keep it from becoming airborne.

Even just having to stop fast can send junk flying. A friend of mine, purchased one of those large plastic bottles of pop at the convenience store on her way home from work. She placed it on the passenger seat and then had to swerve to avoid a deer. The pop bottle ended up coming off the seat and jamming under her brake peddle. She was barely able to stop.

So, maybe someone should start a show on how to get rid of car junk, or how to de-clutter a car. You might just find all the winter gloves that have been missing or all those spoons for snacks that have been getting low in the house!

Get rid of junk, and then secure things like tools in the trunk, or in those floor compartments in vans. You can just imagine what tools would do in an accident, never mind a tin of tuna!