Guests are always welcome at your home, carpet bugs are not leaving many people wondering how to get rid of carpet bugs. They are usually small, only about a quarter-inch in length. It belongs to the beetle family and is a shiny black insect with brown legs. Carpet bugs are just like termites that like to eat fibers and just about anything else in its pathway. They will feed on any crumbs including cereal, nuts, flour to mention just a few foods. If they do infest your home, you could suffer from a number of allergies.

If you do notice them in your home, you have to ask how to get rid of carpet bugs? The first and most probably most important step is to find the area where the carpet bugs originated. A great clue is looking for fecal matter and larva skins. Remember, these creatures like to stay in dark areas such as closets, basements, attics and some storage boxes. Other areas to look at are under rugs or very larger items of furniture.

Once the identifiable  source is found you again wonder, how to get rid of carpet bugs right. You can easily just vacuüm them up, however be sure to clean up the eggs and babies as well. The larva feeds on fabric so is also harmful to its surroundings at this stage. Another way on how to get rid of carpet bugs is to wash all the infested fabrics with hot soapy water. This will also kill the larva with its eggs to prevent them from multiplying.

Many home owners would like to use a pesticide that is harmless to humans but will get rid carpet mites too. The product to use on how to get rid of carpet bugs is boric acid. It is safe to use around humans but does have a bleaching action, but is an excellent way to get rid carpet ants. Now if all the above ways on how to get rid of carpet bugs, fail try shopping for a treatment available at your local home store. Ask the store associate for a recommendation. Be sure to ask if it is safe to use around children and pets.

There are some preventive measures that you can take so you do not need to know how to get rid of carpet bugs. They include getting rid of any birds or bees nest around your house. Carpet bugs will lay their eggs in these nests too. You might want to put naphthalene balls (or moth balls) around the house especially storage areas. The smell is a good hindrance for carpets bugs. You might want to keep the house clean free of crumbs from the floor and counter tops.These are just some attractions for the carpet bugs.

These creatures are small so be sure to regularly inspect dark areas, rugs and clothes for them especially after an infestation. This will prevent them from multiplying so you wont have to ask how to get rid of carpet bugs. Remember, that the larvae are more harmful than the adult carpet bug, and if the infestation continues you might have to ask a professional pest control company how to get rid of carpet bugs.