If you've started noticing a lot of fleas on your pets you might want to check out your yard. This is because once a yard becomes infested with fleas, they will quickly spread to your pets and even to the inside of your house.

Because of this it's very important that you work quickly to get rid of the fleas in your yard. Otherwise the longer that you wait the harder it will be to get rid of them.

For an easy way to tell if your yard is infested with fleas, just put on a pair of white socks and walk around the yard. This makes it easy to see the fleas when they jump onto your ankles.

Things You Will Need

Diatomaceous earth,steinernema carpocapso,cedar chips, cedarcide

Step 1

get rid of fleas Be sure to keep your lawn mowed short, this is because fleas prefer longer blades of grass and shady areas where they can hide.

Step 2

Sprinkle diatomaceous earth over your yard.
Diatomaceous earth which is crushed sea shells works great to control and kill fleas. It works by cutting the fleas exoskeleton which in turn causes fluids to leak from the fleas body causing it to die from dehydration with a few days.

Step 3

Use steinernema carpocapso to kill the fleas in your yard. To apply just mix with water and spray the Steinernema carpocapso on your lawn. At this time the tiny parasitic worms called nematodes will eat the fleas. Reapply in a few days if further infestation occurs.

Step 4

Place cedar chips around your house and under shrubs and bushes. The reason that this works so well is because fleas and other insects hate the smell of cedar. Or if you would rather not mess with the cedar chips you can use a product called cedarcide which is an all natural Deet free insect repellent, made from cedar that is safe to use around pets and children

Step 5

Treat your pets for fleas, otherwise the fleas will soon reinfest your yard and maybe even your house.
Not only are fleas an itchy nuisance they can also transmit a number of diseases, including the Bubonic plague also called the Black Death that swept through Europe during the 14th century and killed more than 25 million people.

Tips & Warnings

Itchy flea bites can be treated with a cortisone cream and or a product like Benadryl spray or cream. An ice pack can also be applied to help with swelling and reduce itching.