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Anyone who owns pets, knows about the little hitchhikers that can and will hitch a ride on the food train, known as your dog or cat. Once they have decided that your dog or cat is their new home, and endless food supply, they don't usually want to leave willingly!

So how to get rid of fleas naturally? No one likes harsh chemicals, but no one likes the infestation that can come from a flea colony. Although most fur burring animals will have to deal with fleas, dogs seem to be especially prone to them.

You can purchase flea collars, and chemical baths, but they can be harsh not only for your dog, but for you too, especially if you are sensitive to these chemicals.

Here is a natural flea product to try, that you can do yourself, and is also a fashion statement for your dog.

A flea bandanna!

Totally safe, you can wash it as often as you want, and it is safe for your dog and for you and for anyone who plays with your dog and touches the bandanna. Which is not always true of chemical collars.

Things You Will Need

Here is how to make your own flea bandanna

1 cotton bandanna (you can buy ones just for dogs or make your own)

1 small tube of geranium essential oil

1 small tube of lavender essential oil

You need to take a visit to your local health food store to get the tube or vials of the essential oils. Get some for yourself while you are at it! (no not for fleas but for a nice bath tonight!)

Step 1

Lay out the bandanna and sprinkle several drops of each essential oil on it. Then roll up your flea bandanna and tie it loosely around your dogs neck, and voila! you have a natural flea collar. Fleas hate this scent.

The essential oils are really concentrated, so you don't need to dump the whole vial on the scarf, just a few drops spread out over the bandanna. Once the scent starts to fade, just throw it in the wash, and start again. Have a few colorful ones ready to go.

But if at the end of the day, your dog just is not into the latest fashionable bandanna's then you can try this. Take a few drops of each of the above essential oils and place between your dogs shoulder blades, try and get down to the skin if you can. This should still repel the fleas.

Another trick to put fleas off of now finding a new home in your dogs bed. Take some small net bags, and fill with cedar shavings, and tuck them in your dog's bed. You dog's bed will now smell great, and the fleas will not like this new home.

Here is another way to help make your dog taste bad to a flea. This is a home remedy, and I have not personally tried this, but friends have. They say if you put 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in your dogs drinking water each day, it is thought to put off fleas.

But at least give your dog a brand new flea bandanna this spring and ward them off before they get started.

Tips & Warnings