Dreaded foot fungus

Food fungus is a growing problem that many people struggle with. It can start from an ingrown toe nail, or an infection from stepping in something. Regardless of where it comes from, it can be very hard to beat and get rid of. Thankfully there are products and cures out there than can help us remove this atrocious thing from our sight and get our nails healed.

What is it?

Before going into how to get rid of it, first we have to know what it is and it's nature. Foot fungus is a fungal infection that forms between the nail and the nail bed that the nail rests on. Foot fungus can start anywhere on the nail, but the hardest to get rid of is when the fungal infection reaches the root of the nail and corrupts it so it produces fungus all the time. This is the fungus I have suffered with and it was very difficult to get rid of. Some people choose to remove the entire nail and bathe it in solution to heal the root, while others sand down the nail and put solution on it so it seeps into the nail. Regardless it is hard to get rid of and can be very problematic for your toe health and must be removed promptly.

Natural methods

There are hundreds of natural cures and treatments available on the market, but not all of them are created equal and many may not be able to solve your problem. When I was searching for a cure for my toe nail fungus I went to a local natural health store that sold products like this. Many of them are potent in smell and in power, and also come with a hefty price tag because of the natural ingredients and how it's carefully made. If you are unsure of what to look for ask the person working there, but geneFeetrally you want to look for powerful herbs and solutions that are anti-fungal and acidic in nature. Acid destroys fungus since it has to thrive in a base wet environment, which is why many vinegar based solutions will kill any fungus underneath your toe nail.

Something to also consider is that while most of the options you have are topical and applied to the skin, there are other things you can buy that are natural as well. There are certain medicines that can be ingested with water or a drink that will work in your body to heal from the inside out, and there are all natural powders and salt baths that are offered for your foot to soak in or sit in that can work into your skin and at the root to heal it.

Products off the shelf

If you are looking for a cure that doesn't come through a natural store and money is tight then there are a host of products on the shelf at your local convenience store like Walgreens or CVS that can help. Be cautious and always look for reviews first because many of these products claim to work and actually don't do anything but drain your wallet. I would do your research first and see which ones are working the best and follow through with those. I can't personally recommend any because I never used them and because there are so many products that claim to cure foot fungus. The shear number is astounding, so look up online what you feel fits into your budget and what you feel would work for you and go from there.


Our skin is very porous which is why you see it shrivel up when you jump in the pool, so our skin absorbs things very easy when exposed to liquid. Foot bfoot bathaths are very powerful for healing and curing foot fungus because you have hot water and put various ingredients into the mix that can be absorbed through the skin and get to the root of the issue. I recommend things like olive oil or vinegar and a good herb mixture that is highly anti-fungal and the toe nail fungus will begin to disappear as a result. Let your foot sit in the mixture for a good 20 to 30 minutes and really let your skin absorb the mixture and do this at least once a day and you should see results in a few weeks when the nail starts to grow back.


There are foot fungus powders out there that are more meant for athletes foot but can still work with your toe fungus as well. Apply liberally all around the infected nail and always keep your nail dry with the powder so it can work its way in. That's actually a good tip for anything we do when dealing with foot fungus is to keep it dry (since fungus thrives on moisture) but it holds true especially here. The powder needs to keep dry on your skin so as you walk around it settles in the cracks and heals the infected nail bed. I recommend applying after your feet dry off from your morning shower and let it work in throughout the day.

More out there

There are tons of products on the market for you to choose from, so make sure that you involve yourself with health forums and look for other sources out there to further expound on the wealth of research on the internet. Whether you choose to go a more natural route I recommend heading to a natural remedy store and getting something topical or a liquid to put in a foot bath. If you are just looking for something generic there are a host of products available on store shelves, just be careful as many don't work well so do your research. Always ask a doctor before you do anything drastic like taking a pill or ingesting liquid, but any foot bath or topical treatment is generally safe to use. Hopefully your research proves fruitful and using these tricks you can see that nasty foot fungus gone and out of your life.