Garlic (26886)Garlic is good for your body. It contains minerals and vitamins and has a positive effect on your blood pressure and cholesterol. However, your body can not break the sulfur compounds during normal digestion and are therefore emitted through your breath and sweat and this can take hours or even days.

The smell of garlic can be a huge turn-off for persons, especially if they have a sensitive sense of smell. The oil and the strong odor can easily get into your clothes, breath and skin when you are eating or preparing garlic.

Garlic, also known as 'the stinking rose', is delicious, but walking around smelling like it, is something else. You will find below various ways to prevent or get rid of the garlic smell.

Stainless Steel, Salt, Baking Soda or Lemon

Your hands will smell after chopping garlic and this can last for hours. Grab one of your stainless utensils and simply rub your hands. If you don’t have any stainless utensils, rubbing your hands with a little bit of salt or baking soda will have the same effect.

You can also squeeze the juice of a lemon and soak your hands in the lemon juice for about four minutes. Rinse your hands after that with cold water.

Cleanser and Steel Soap

Nowadays you can also find garlic smell cleansers and steel soaps in offline- and online shops. On an average the results with these products are good and most tools are reusable.

Parsley or Cardamon

One of the methods to reduce garlic breath is eating parsley while you are eating garlic. The parsley counteracts the garlic smell to a big extend, but it does not prevent a garlic breath completely. Chewing basil or cardamom has the same effect, but some people find the flavor of cardamon too strong, so the latter might not be a good option for them.

Whole Milk

According to a recent study by scientists at the University of Ohio, you should drink whole milk while you are eating garlic. The water and fat in whole milk blocks the sulfides in garlic. The results with drinking skimmed- or semi-skimmed milk were, by the way, not as good as with drinking whole milk.

Sauna or Steam bath

Taking a steam bath or sauna is a good way to get rid of the sulfides in your bloodstream. Also a long hot shower of at least thirty minutes helps to get rid of the sulfides. However, it still will take a while before you got rid of the sulfides that made their way into your sweat glands.

Garlic Press

One of the ways to prevent having the smell of garlic on your hands or clothes is using a garlic press. A garlic press is a tool that finely can mince raw garlic, without having to touch the garlic with your hands.

Mask with Perfume or Alcohol

As mentioned before, it can sometimes hours or days before you get rid of the powerful smell of garlic. In the meantime you can also mask the smell with rubbing-alcohol or a strong perfume.

The only 100% guaranteed way to prevent garlic smell, is simply not to eat or prepare garlic. However, this option is for a lot of people inconceivable.