Many times people start noticing that first gray hair when they're in their twenties or thirties, but for some it can start as early as their teens or as late as their fifties. And although people equate gray hair with aging, heredity and nutrition also play a part in how early or how late your hair starts to gray.

Most people, especially the younger ones are usually horrified when they spot that first gray hair. But if you only have one or two it's really no need to panic, just pluck and forget it. Otherwise if you have more than just one or two gray hairs there are quite a few options available to you and this article on how to get rid of gray hair will show you how.

Things You Will Need

hair dye
go away gray
blackstrap molassas

Step 1

Cover The Gray With Highlights:
One easy way to cover gray hair is by adding highlights. This option works well for someone who has never colored their hair before and is unsure if they want to commit to the upkeep that dying your hair demands. For best results you should probably have your highlights done by a hair salon.

Step 2

Color Your Hair:
Dying your hair is another good way to cover gray hair, with this option you have two choices. Either you can color it yourself or have it done by a hair stylist. If money is a factor in your decision then it's really not that hard to do your own hair color. Just be sure to read and carefully follow all instructions on the box before you apply the hair dye.

Step 3

Try Go Away Gray:
Many people have reported good results from using a product called Go Away Gray. This supplement which contains catalase is supposed to combat the hydrogen peroxide in your body that can bleach hair. Go Away Gray which is taken twice a day, claims to promote thicker healthier hair as well as to reverse the graying process.

Step 4

Try Blackstrap Molassas:
Unsulphured blackstrap molassas is an old time gray hair remedy that many people swear by. Blackstrap molassas which is rich in calcium, iron,magnesium, potassium and copper is thought to help gray hair caused by vitamin deficiencies.

Step 5

Cover Gray Hair With Sage:
Another old time remedy to darken gray hair is by using the herb sage. Add 1/2 cup sage to 2 Cups boiling water and simmer for approx. 30 minutes then allow the sage mixture to cool and steep for several hours. Next apply the sage tea to your hair using a spray bottle and and allow hair to dry before rinsing. Repeat weekly until your desired shade is achieved, and then once a month to maintain the color.
Thyroid problems, stress and a vitamin deficiency can also cause premature graying.

Tips & Warnings