Mice control techniques

Learning how to set up mouse traps

Cheap Mouse TrapsGetting rid of mice in the house is not an easy task. It takes plenty of perseverance and patience to accomplish the job. If you are asking how to get rid of mice in your house, you may think it is impossible to outsmart the rodents. It is not that you are dealing with an intelligent mouse, you simply need to know exactly what you are doing, otherwise it is nearly impossible to get rid of the mice that are driving you crazy.

Mice are not particularly smart; they just have great instincts and are experts at hiding out. You can easily outsmart the mice in your home, and I am going to tell you exactly how to do it. 

The first step in getting rid of mice is well placed mousetraps. It is essential that mousetraps be placed in all of the right locations. If you have mice in your garage, you would not only set the traps in the bathroom, would you? No! You would need to set the mousetraps where the mice are likely to be. If you have found traces of mice in your cupboards, then you should set mousetraps inside of your cupboards.

You cannot simply set one trap and assume that you are going to solve all of your problems. The Humane Mouse Trap Designexperts advise people to set up six mousetraps in the cupboards and you should also set several mouse traps along the edges of the walls, in the pantry area, alongside the refrigerator. When you set quite a few traps, you are much more likely to catch several mice. 

After you have purchased enough traps, you will need to bait them and set them up. Many people think that cheese makes great bait, but is does not work well at all. You should use a super sweet bait such as chocolate or peanut butter. I have yet to meet either a person or a mouse that does not love sweet chocolate.

You will need to plan where you will place the mousetraps so that you will be able to catch the rodents. You will need to identify the signs of mice and place the traps in the areas where mice are likely to return. If you find mouse droppingsMetal Mouse Trap Cage beside your refrigerator it is likely that mice will return to the location looking for food. This is the perfect place to set up a few mousetraps. 

People can choose to "prime" a mousetrap by placing bait on the trap without setting it. If the mouse is easily able to take the food, it will decide to come back to the same location again. The next time the mouse comes back, you can have the trap set up and catch the mouse in action! By letting the mice in the home think that they have safe, easy access to food, you will be able to trick them into the traps eventually.