Mouse control is not for everyone, I will lay that down on the table for sure. There are all kinds of incontinences associated with the business. First of all, the critters on hand are nasty little creatures – at least to most they are. Who do you know that wants to deal with them? It cannot be many – that is for certain. They have some scary diseases and germs associated with them and are therefore not generally a pleasant animal to deal with. Even so, it is generally not the cleanliness of the mouse that causes people such grief. Rather, many feel that mice sort of take away their peace of mind. In other words, it is not that comforting to find the traces of them in a house or to hear them scurrying around all of the time. It just gets aggravating I tell you. Anyways, there are several methods out there to deal with such problems. With that said, the majority of methods can be organized into two different categories. One of them has to do with killing the mice and the other simply acts as a deterrent. Today, we are here to talk about mouse deterrent – or rather – how to get rid of mice without killing them.

If you are interested in mouse deterrent that does not harm or kill them, then you have come to the right page. Regardless of what most people think or believe, there are several effective methods of getting rid of mice without causing harm. The first one calls for the use of scents. The most effective of which is peppermint. The reason that it deters the mice is that it basically keeps them from being able to smell anything else. Take away a mouse's main weapons and they will stay away for sure – or at least that is the theory. The next method of naturally deterring mice is using ultrasonic mouse deterrents. These little gadgets are virtually silent to humans, but sound so much louder to mice that they can hardly stand being around. The last method that it is deemed appropriate for this article involves cleaning up. There are several parts of a home that attract the mouse – the food, water, and shelter are just a few of them. However, by eliminating some of the factors a home can be a little less convenient for the mice. There you have it folks, a couple of methods that can be used to get rid of mice without killing them.