How To Stop Plantar Fasciitis

How To Cure PF

When I wake up now in the morning I am no longer limping to the bathroom because of plantar fasciitis pain.  I rarely give my plantar fasciitis a second thought because it's gone.  I  can remember back in the late 80's when I first felt the pf.  I was staying with my parents in Minnesota and noticed that both my feet hurt when I got out of bed in the morning and it stopped after an hour or two.  This went on for years until I ran a marathon in 1997 and met a doctor who fitted me for custom foot orthodics after I complained about my foot pain.  This seemed to help for about 5 years until I started running ultra marathons.

When I talked with fellow ultra marathoners on the trail, most had the dreaded plantar fasciitis and just lived with it.  Not me.  I ran my last ultra marathon and could hardly walk.  I searched and search for the a cure.  I  tried running with 5 Fingers Shoes, barefoot running, running huaraches.  I even stopped running for a brief period.

Do This One Thing And Your Plantar Fasciitis Foot Pain Will Diminish

It is the only treatment method that has ever worked for me in 20 years of battling with this horrible foot  ailment.  The author's number one method of getting rid of pf is by wearing a night splint.

The Cure For Plantar Fasciitis And Foot Pain is revealed in the following few lines.

The author's number one method of getting rid of pf is by wearing a night splint.  Screw that!  I did not want to wear something that felt like a ski boot on both feet every night.  I found the Strassburg Sock that is essentially a lightweight sock that stretches your foot at night and accomplishes the same thing as a night splint and is fairly comfortable  to wear.  I am serious about the Strassburg sock.  Even if  you don't read the guide, get the sock that will allow your foot will heal on its own.  The video at the end of  this article will explain why plantar fasciitis cannot get better unless you stretch your foot while you are sleeping.  If you let your foot tighten up at night, it will  get worse every day. 

He goes into various stretches that do wonders for your feet.  They are simple stretches that you can find on the Internet.  However, the ebook puts everything in front of your eyes for immediate help.

You need to stop whatever activity that you are doing that is causing the pain for at least 60 days.  I  can hear all you runners crying out loud!  You don't want to hear that you have to stop running.  Fine, then live with your pf.  I have run non-stop for 35 years.  I quit for exactly 60 days and now I am running again.  I can run for hours with no problems.

The Best Ever Exercise To Keep Plantar Fasciitis Away

The day that I quit running, I  started the Beach Body Insanity exercise routine created and instructed by Shaun T.  It is a complete plyometric and cardio workout that will strengthen and stretch your muscles.  At first I was afraid that it was going to aggravate the plantar fasciitis so I did the routine on an exercise trampoline for a month.  After one month on the rebounder, I switched the floor and have never looked back.

The key to getting rid of plantar fasciitis is stop whatever harmful activity caused it and allow your body to heal.  You need to wear some type of night splint.  I have worn the Strassburg sock  for over 8  months.  I will probably be wearing it for life as it stretches the aging calf muscles.

I do other stretching with some self stretching tools made by TP  Therapy (trigger point therapy).  The stretches are amazing.  I called the physical therapist at the company who made me  a true believer in their products.

I honestly want you  healed from your plantar fasciitis.

How To Use The Strassburg Sock For Plantar Fasciitis