Do you have a lawn full of those prickly weeds? You know those ones that attack you in the flower beds, that you need gloves to pull out, but now you see them taking over your lawn? The ones that make you see red when you walk barefoot in your yard?

Well there is a way to deal with them besides using chemical warfare, it takes a bit longer but it works.

Most of those prickly weeds have a large wide leaf and a top to this plant, or a head.

Perfect for Weeding and Getting the Roots

Start with a Decent Weeding Tool

If you can get a good weed digging tool under them, then this works by getting rid of the weed entirely but it can spread seeds while you are trying to dig it out and leave your lawn littered with holes!

This works if you only have a few of them,  this is a good way to nip them in the bud before they get started.  But if they have spread to quite a patch, then skip digging them up and use the Vinegar Method below:

Fill with Half Vinegar and Half Water

Use Plain White Vinegar

Get a spray bottle with 1/2 vinegar and 1/2 water and after you have cut the lawn, (this usually cuts the tops off of them) then spray some of this vinegar solution right into the weed.

This will kill it off and it will shrink with out the use of harsh chemicals. But if you are patient, most of these prickly weeds cannot stand having their tops cut off by the lawn mower. So keep your grass cut and they will eventually disappear on their own.

We ended up with huge broadleaf prickly weeds in our lawn after the neighbor had some soil delivered, we all figure there were weed seeds in the soil and they spread to our yard. We went on vacation only to come back to these prickly weeds growing rampant on the front lawn.

Cut the Grass Low so You Cut the Heads Off the Pricklers!

After giving the lawn a good cut, I went around with my vinegar solution in the weed sprayer bottle and then over the next few days the weeds started to shrink. You should only need to treat them once with this.  Using a proper spray bottle with a thin spray will keep the vinegar solution on the prickler only.  Try not to spray the grass as it will kill it or brown it off.

Only Spray the Offending Weed with the Vinegar Solution - Don't Use a Wide Spray

If you have more prickly weeds than lawn, just keep cutting it, so that they don't get a chance to grow big enough to seed, and then over seed your lawn in the spring and fall, until eventually the grass seed will take over.

You can section off your lawn, and give your kids a small vinegar solution bottle each and have them spray each of these offending weeds in their section. This way you will get on top of the problem without calling in the chemical warriors.

Don't Use Harsh Chemicals - White Vinegar Works Just as Well and is Natural

Most municipalities have bans on harsh weed killers, so it is time to go back to having some patience, and a more gentle approach to any weed, but especially those nasty prickly weeds.

They have a huge root, so you can try and take them out, but they do leave a mess behind, so I have found with personal experience it is better to try and shrink them with regular cutting of the lawn and the vinegar solution and before you know it, your lawn will be back.

Try and keep the vinegar solution on the prickly weed, you don't want to be spraying it all over the grass, you want a concentrated effort right in the center of the weed. This works best after just cutting the lawn, because you most likely knocked their tops off a bit, and this is the best place to attack with the vinegar, you should see them wilting over the next day or so. You may need to do it twice, but you will win the war on prickly weeds!