To get rid of skunk smell, you have to use a treatment that gets rid of oil.

Skunk spray is a nasty combination of chemical oils, and although you may get rid of the immediate stain, the smell will remain unless you can neutralize it.

Depending on what got sprayed, here are a few good ideas to get rid of skunk smell.


If your dog was out sniffing under bushes or near any compost heaps, especially in the early dawn or most commonly at dusk, and you heard that yelp and then saw your dog doing the "skunk dance" on the front yard rubbing his or her face on the grass, it will only be a few seconds before that familiar smell hits your nostrils.

So, the first thing to do, is NOT let your dog in the house, or in his dog house, or rub up against you. Tie his lead to a fence post or something far away from your house, and get the hose. Start by spraying him down to get any wet residue off of him.skunk

If he got really close, he most likely will have a oily patch on him. If the neighbors stare at you and your yelping dog (most dogs will feel a burn from this attack) explain, and they will usually nod and smile and remember when they had to deal with it. You don't want them to be thinking you are being mean to your dog, but the hose is the best weapon at this point. There is a bit of pressure behind it, and it will blast off that oily patch.

Make sure the skunk has done a runner, and is no where to be found, you don't need a second attack! I once had a skunk basically sit in the yard and watch the entire process, like it was getting a thrill out of watching my dog do the "dance" on the front lawn!

Then mix this formula

1/2 cup of baking soda

1 quart of hydrogen peroxide (I have used white vinegar if I don't have hydrogen peroxide it works well too)

Mix the two above ingredients together and massage into your dogs fur, being careful around his eyes and nose. Really massage it in, and leave on for at least five minutes.

Then rinse

Then take DAWN dish detergent and liberally pour this on your dog, and massage into a lather and leave on for five minutes, then rinse again.

Then follow with your favorite dog shampoo.

This has worked well for my dog. The only time it didn't work, was because I missed one spot on his tail, so I did the process again the next day. Never had any more problems, mind you my dog was not happy, as mine does not like getting wet! But most dogs are relieved to get the irritating oil and smell off of them as their noses are super sensitive to smells

So, if you have a dog, then you need to make sure you have these ingredients at home before the spring and summer season start.

Dawn dish detergent is perfect for this, as it cuts oil and grease. After all they use this product to clean animals caught in oil spills. Just look it up on the internet, and you will see what this product is capable of. Since skunk spray is oil based, this is a perfect weapon in your arsenal. So, if you need to get rid of skunk smell, make sure and have some DAWN, some BAKING SODA and some HYDROGEN PEROXIDE or WHITE VINEGAR, but the peroxide works well. (use one or the other don't mix them together!)

You don't want to be rushing around trying to find these ingredients at 11 pm at night. So get them the next time you go grocery shopping and keep them separate somewhere, because even if your dog doesn't get hit by skunk spray, your porch or your wall or your car will.


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If you have accidentally run over a skunk, then you know what a smell it can leave in your car. Even though it was on the underneath of your car, the smell will get through the vents. This can be hard to get rid of.

First of all power wash your car, and try to get underneath to get the oily residue off the bottom of the car. But since it is not actually on any surfaces inside the car, the aroma remains, then you need to attack the interior in a different way.

Once you have power washed your car. Empty your interior of your car. This is a good time to do that cleanout you have been meaning to do! As the smell will stick to everything, so get rid of tissues, and wash any blankets etc. Then take a bowl of white vinegar, and sit it on the front mat overnight. Just don't forget to take the vinegar out in the morning, or you will end up with a pot pourri of skunk and vinegar.. not good!

But the vinegar will neutralize the air, and help get rid of the smell. If for some unfortunate reason, a skunk got in your car, then you will need to use the DAWN method on the mats etc.

This can happen, when kids step in a oily skunk spray patch and then get in the car.. Get the mats out of the car, and use the dawn mixture and really hose them down in the driveway.


If your kids have run in the house with this mess on their shoes, follow their path, limit the exposure, and then take out the door mat, and their shoes and use the dawn method on them as well.

But if you still end up with a lingering odor in your house, try changing the furnace filter or air conditioner filter, it is surprising how quickly this smell can be recirculated through the house. Open the windows, and let the fresh air in to help neutralize. If there are no surfaces affected by the residue, then this air exchange should do the trick.

If you can throw your kids clothes and shoes in the washing machine this is the best way. But for anything else that can't fit in the washer, but can tolerate some water, such as door mats, use the Dawn mixture.

The sooner you attack this the sooner you can get rid of skunk smell.

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