So you are watching TV one night and you notice a spider walking up your wall, then the next day you find another one in the bathroom. You go downstairs to do laundry and there are a few more.

How to get rid of spiders in the basement? Well to begin with, you are going to have to find their way in. Yes, some house spiders just get in, but if you have fairly big spiders or a lot of them, then chances are you may have some little openings around the foundation where they are getting in.

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 First Step - Find Their Entrance!


 In The Basement?

Spiders love dark spaces, and most people tend to have darker spaces in their basements, plus they love dusty areas, such as old curtains on the windows, cluttered areas, and damp areas. So, to ward them off you can start by cleaning out your basement. This is a good job for the kids to help with.

Get lots of Light

If you are really terrified of them, you will need help with this. Start by getting as much light as you can into the downstairs. Get some of those lights on stands and really shine them into the corners, totally light up the area. They hate bright light and may scamper. But you will find their webs. If you see an area with a lot of webs, then have someone go around the outside of the house with a flashlight, especially between where the siding meets the foundation wall, and if you see any light from the flashlight, even a tiny stream, then take your caulking gun and fill in these cracks. This is the same procedure you would use for getting rid of mice.

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Seal It Up

So, hopefully you have sealed up any of their entrances, and now you have to deal with the ones in your house. To get ward them off, you will now need to empty your basement. You know you have been meaning to do this for a while anyways, now is the perfect excuse. Pull everything out, and get rid of cardboard boxes. They can get mildew and spiders love to hang out in them. Empty the cardboard boxes outside.

Get Rid Of Cardboard

Use this time to de-clutter, and invest in some plastic tubs for storage rather than cardboard boxes. To get them to leave, you really need to give it a good clean as well. Sweep out every corner, and every web. If you come across a spider (and it is not a dangerous spider, I am mostly talking about typical house spiders here) then put a cup over it, and slide a magazine under it and get it outside.

Bleach any mildew areas, and see if there is any way to deal with a damp problem in your basement. As spiders love damp. Even a dehumidifier will help in the basement to dry it out.

After you have cleaned out the basement, and bleached any damp and mildew areas, and sealed up any cracks in your walls. You could then spray with a spider or bug spray in all the corners, or you can call in an exterminator. But by cleaning, his treatment will be more effective.

To do this you need to allow a day,  it does require a day of cleaning. But you will win the war.


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Check Your Pets

If you are only getting the odd spider, and your house seems to be clear of them, then they are most likely coming in on shoes or especially dogs. You will be amazed how many bugs and spiders will come in on your cat or dog. Dogs, especially as they like to roll in the grass and will pick up bugs and spiders. Or they will go out first thing in the morning and run through webs that are between shrubs and pick up hitchhikers!

So, to ban them, find their entrances, and block them up, (this is also good to keep mice out and help stop cold air coming in)

Give the house a good clean out, and get rid of cardboard, mildew and dusty areas, such as dusty old curtains windows.

Spray if you have to. ( doesn't always require spraying, do the above tips first and see if any more spiders appear) You have to be careful with spraying especially if you have small children. Unless you have a really bad infestation in the walls or areas you can't get at, try the cleaning out first and then decide. If you spray or get an exterminator you may need to leave your house for a couple of days.

Pack any storage items in plastic tubs

Dehumidify the basement to keep it dry

Maybe this is the time to address a wet or damp basement. Although this may be a expensive venture, it will be one other way to get rid of spiders for good.