Carpenter ants are a lot like termites in terms of the damage they can do to your house. You can easily tell the difference between termites and carpenter ants by looking to see if they have wings. Termites have wings where carpenter ants do not. A carpenter ant infestation can seriously damage your home, shed, garage or wooden fences. Carpenter ants are larger than most ants. Their bodies' are approximately 1/2 of an inch longer. Carpenter ants live in colonies with a queen, a male carpenter ant and three levels of worker carpenter ants. Carpenter ants usually start by chewing up dead, ratting or decayed wood, but once the supply has run out they will begin chewing on any available wood. Carpenter ants will branch out and form new nests when their main nest becomes too large, but there will only be one queen.

If you see a carpenter ant follow it to see where its nest is located. Look around your property especially near firewood and dead trees. If you find the carpenter ant nest make holes in the ground to expose the nest and generously dump boric acid on them. Follow the boric acid with boiling water.

Keep bushes and trees trimmed at least 18 inches from your house. Especially evergreen or fir trees, carpenter ants are attracted to the sap.

Make your own spray for carpenter ants pest control: Cut up 1 large red onion and place it in a blender, add about 25 to 30 fresh leaves from a tomato plant. Puree the red onion and the tomato plant leaves. Pour the mixture into a large, clean glass jar. Add 1 tablespoon of salt and 1 tablespoon of finely ground white pepper. Add 1 cup of isopropyl alcohol. Allow the mixture to steep overnight. Strain the mixture into a spray bottle. Spray all area the carpenter ants are attacking.

To completely eradicate carpenter ants, you must find all of their nests,. If a few worker ants survive they are able to make special eggs and hatch a new queen.

For large infestations or any damage that may compromise the integrity of your home, professional carpenter ant extermination may be necessary.