Whenever cowhide carpets are packed and sent the cowhide can sometimes have the propensity to get a number of folding mark and creases. Over time in typical use on the ground the rug wrinkles should come out normally however if it is needed to get a extremely smooth cowhide rug straight away then there is an easy way employing a home flat iron to make sure the particular cowhide looks pristine from the off.

Equipment Necessary

  • Good size bath towel
  • Wet flannel or cloth
  • Domestic iron
  • Cowhide rug

Put your cowhide rug on the floorboards over the top of the towel. The function of having the large towel is to be able to shield your floor covering from any possible damage the iron’s heat could possibly cause. Plug in the flat iron - use an extension power cable when needed and set the iron to the optimum heat range possible. Place the damp flannel (or similarly moist tea towel or other clean lint free material) over the cowhide carpet and work the iron over the wrinkle within the hide in the same manner you would do when ironing clothing. Make sure the iron moves quickly over the area needed and apply it only for the minimum period necessary to remove the wrinkles. You will notice really quickly that this procedure is a quick and effective technique to make certain you have a crimp free and excellent cowhide from the off. Allow the hide cool prior to you place this back in your desired position upon the floor.

You can easily repeat this method regularly with the steam function of the iron in the event that you require a clean 'chemical free' approach to fumigate your hide and maintain this in perfect condition. Whenever steaming you can position the iron over the carpet and direct steam jets straight at especially soiled parts .This will be a good technique to take away every rug’s major problem - stuck in chewing gum.

In a number of cases this particular method could prove insufficient to remove particularly obstinate creases from the hide and this could end up being a function of the way the hide has been dried following the tanning practice. These are small and you shouldn’t get worried about these - hide is a natural item and branding iron marks, small marks and tears are usually a regular component of some of each of these unique pieces.

Cowhides rugs tend to be uniquely individual items and a outstanding addition to any style of home décor from the conventional ranch house to the uber modern daycity condominium and when purchased carefully from reputable importers and providers and cared for sensitively may provide nearly a life-time of joy and use.