With the beauty of spring and summer, also comes dog fleas!

If you are a pet owner, especially a dog owner, then you know this can be a huge problem. There are many chemicals and collars and powders that are created to kill the offending fleas, but what do you do if your dog is allergic to all of those harsher chemicals? Try something more natural.

Best Selling, Organic and it Works!

 My dog is allergic to flea chemicals, and I did not know what to do.

We live in a rural area, and so they come in to contact with fleas on a regular basis. So, I did some research and found out that apple cider vinegar had been used for years to help with flea problems on dogs and cats and even horses.

But over the years, people had come away from many of the natural remedies in favor of ready made and instant ways to deal with fleas. It is much easier to grab a bottle of something, than to mix something up.

So, I tried this formula and is works well for my dog, so maybe you can get a head start on this season for your pets.

There are two ways to attack fleas. One is inside and the other is outside. This is a two step program, if you do both steps, then you should find the battle of the fleas much easier!

Step 1 - Add to Their Drinking Water

Add a teaspoon to your dog or cats (yes cats get fleas too!) drinking water every day, this apparently (according to my research) acts as a natural flea deterrent. I guess they don't want to bite if you taste like vinegar!

Step 2 - Fill Spray Bottle

Fill a spray bottle (you can get empty spray bottles at the dollar store, just make sure and label what you have inside your spray bottle) with equal parts of water and the vinegar and spray right on your dogs coat, be careful of their eyes and nose.

Rub it in well. You can do this on puppies and kittens to, just watch you don't get it in their eyes. Apply as often as you need. But I found once or twice a week or after their bath worked well.

It is Also a Great Conditioner for Their Fur

There is a second effect from this product, it actually makes a great coat conditioner.

You will find that their coat not only smells nice but is a bit shinier.  It also works well in their bath water if you happen to have one of those dogs that loves to roll in "their idea of perfume"! but not yours! So, it will deodorize their coats.

Step 3 - Wash Brushes and Combs in Vinegar

Also wash their brushes and combs in it and then rinse in cold water, this will stop bacteria from forming.

Basically if you own pets, buy yourself a big jug or two of apple cider vinegar. 

Also Acts as a Mild Disinfectant for skin

Also if your dog gets skin infections easily, then try rinsing them with one part of apple cider vinegar and 3 parts of water, this acts as a mild disinfectant.

If you have outside dogs, and you find their water bowls get a bit slimy in the summer months, then change the water often and clean the bowl with vinegar and water then rinse well, this will remove that slimy stuff, and help with any mildew.

There are all kinds of uses for vinegar, but I found it works well for dog fleas. Give it a try, and actually get started before the flea season really gets a hold of your pets.

You will notice a shinier coat, and less flea problems if you get into the habit of using apple cider vinegar. It is much cheaper than the alternatives.

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