What you need:
  • GophersThe Gopher
  • Alka-Seltzer

Gophers and other outdoor pests can cause hundreds of dollars in damage to your lawn. Their constant burrowing leaves holes that are a broken ankle just waiting to happen as well. This article will help you rid yourself of them.

1. Locate all the gopher holes in your yard.

2. Place the bait near the hole. Gophers naturally eat roots and tubers. So most forms of vegetable matter should attract them.

3. After you are sure the gophers are taking the bait, substitute the alka-seltzer. The alka-seltzer creates gas. Gophers cannot pass gas nor can they burp. They will bloat up and die.

If the idea above seems cruel or offensive there are other options you can take.

The first option of course is to hire a professional pest exterminator. They will place poison and mechanical traps in the yard. Be careful not to allow your pets or small children to approach them for safeties sake.

Your next option is to visit a home improvement or hardware store. There you can purchase mechanical traps designed with gophers or moles in mind. Be careful handling these traps. They are far larger and more dangerous than the more common mouse trap.