Acute lower back pain, or back pain that lasts from a few days to a few weeks, can respond well to home remedies. 

 Back pain usually occurs after the spine or back muscles experience an injury.  The tips that apply for preventing back injury are the very same things you must do to avoid aggravating an already existing lower back pain.  These include using your legs instead of your back when lifting all sorts of things.  You have to bend at the knees, instead of at the waist, even when you’re just picking up a paper clip.  It is also advisable to vary your position regularly during the day, rather than staying in one position for the whole day.  If you stand for hours at a time at work, the back muscles can get some rest if you rest one foot at a time alternately on a low stool.  If you sit the whole day, it would be good to vary your sitting position and to stand and move around at least once every two hours.   Using an ergonomic chair with a supportive back rest can help relax the back. 

 You should also give due consideration to the amount of support provided by your mattress to your spine when you are sleeping at night.  The ideal mattress should support the natural curvature of the spine, neither being too soft nor too hard.  For those who sleep on their side, putting a pillow between the knees can help maintain the proper alignment of the spine. 

 Resting for a couple of days can help the body to repair itself.  However, too much rest can be harmful as unused muscles become weak quickly and can delay further recovery.  It is best to go back to doing your regular activities after around two days of rest.  

 Incorporate exercise in your daily activities as this is the ideal way to strengthen back muscles and make them more resistant to injury.  Exercise also increases the ability of muscles to heal themselves after a strain or injury.  Aerobic exercises have the added benefit of helping you to maintain a healthier weight.  Remember that with regards to the spine, a lighter body is much less strenuous to support than an overweight body.    

You may take ibuprofen or other non-steroidal pain relievers to lessen the pain while you wait for your back muscles to recover.  However, it is not advisable to take these pain relievers for an extended period of time as they can lead to gastrointestinal damage. 

Back Braces For Support

You should also look into getting a back brace for your lumbar spine if you currently suffer from discomfort.  This is no joke.  Brace specialists can help you get a brace that can almost instantly reduce your pain problems and you may not always need surgery.