get rid of miceLearning how to get rid of mice effectively is important since these rodents could destroy vulnerable parts of your home, such as wooden furniture or even your clothes! The presence of these mice around your house could pose serious threat to your safety when they gnaw on or destroy electrical cables, making it a serious fire hazard. You must therefore employ an effective method to getting rid of mice, along with a reliable pest control system.

Below are four simple steps you can try.

Step 1: Use Removal Method.

There are two different house mice removal equipments you can use for this one: electronic pest repeller and live traps. Electronic repellers will emit high pitched sound waves when alerted by the presence of a mouse and is loud enough to annoy these pests away from your home. This is not a very effective long-term solution though since it does not prevent rodents from coming back.

Live traps are more effective at removing a mouse off your house. You can choose from a wide variety of designs to trap the mouse and some even involve the use of fresh baits, such as food. You can try using both equipments to learn how to get rid of mice effectively.

Step 2: Use Kill Method.

If you want to know how to get rid of mice for good, then this method is highly advised. The most common method employed is the use of poisonous baits that will almost kill the pest instantly. However, you need to be very careful in determining which part of the house you must place the poisonous bait and ensure it is kept away from the reach of your children to avoid the danger of them ingesting it.

You can prepare your own poisonous bait by mixing borax powder with food stuff. Borax is a type of poison commonly used in getting rid of mice. Or if you have a pet cat, you can take full advantage of them and let them pray on the mice that lurk around your house.

Step 3: Seal Their Possible Entry Points.

A mouse usually enters through tiny holes in your house. So, if you want to eliminate these pests, you need to be able to discourage entry for them within your house. This is especially true for old houses wherein the foundation has broken down and it makes it easier for them to make holes through the wall. You can therefore build a small board to cover these holes if you want to succeed on how to get rid of mice.

Step 4: Keep Your House Clean.

The most simple and basic step on how to get rid of mice effectively and prevent them from coming back is keeping your entire house well sanitized. A dirty environment will foster the growth and spread of mice around your house and will also give them lots of stuff to munch on. You can keep them away by making your home an unfriendly environment for them to stay in and it will also provide additional benefits when it comes to your own family's health.