Who does not like big guns?  Our arms, especially our biceps are the most prominent part of our body , so every wannabe weight lifter of gym junkie covet ripped biceps and triceps that would fill out the shirt sleeves. However, most people are clueless about how to train effectively to achieve the desired result


The three most important things that you must not lose sight of,if you desire lean muscular arms, are dynamic training, regular cardio and a healthy diet. Your biceps and triceps are actually small muscle groups which are taxed in all upper body exercises. Your biceps are engaged in all forms of pulling motions, whereas pushing motions involve your triceps. Since your biceps and triceps are getting stimulated in all forms of upper body exercises, they actually need less isolation exercises than you may think. So before you start doing endless biceps curls and triceps pressdown, you need to remember that an overall development of your upper body would automatically accentuate your arms.

Bench Press is considered to be the most fundamental chest exercise, but very few are aware of the fact that it is the biggest pushing exercise that engages your triceps throughout the entire movement. The more you bench, the more developed your triceps will be. Similarly your biceps get really stimulated during back exercises. So pull ups and chin ups are not only essential for a great and muscular back, it also develops your biceps. So if you train effectively to build your back and chest, your arms will get seriously ripped.


In case of isolation exercises, the basic curl may act as a foundation, but it is definitely not an end in itself. Use your common sense and hit the muscle groups in your arms from different directions and angles. Try to include a preacher curl, or a concentration curl in your exercise regime. Also frequently change your exercise schedule and intensity to keep on shocking your muscles. For a lean look opt for a medium challenged weight and really push yourself with higher and faster repetitions.

So more compound workouts involving big back and chest building exercises as well as different forms of isolation techniques are the essence of an effective training schedule.


Constant cardio will melt the fat in your arms and lend it a more muscular appearance. Try to do at least 15 minutes of various cardio exercises three times a week. The harder the intensity of your cardio regime more conspicuous will be your muscle definition. So to get chiseled arms, cardio is a must


Needless to say that our also plays a crucial role in our body’s development. Despite what many may think, a diet loaded simply with protein may not suffice. While working out you are basically burning your stored carbohydrates which you need to replenish.  So a perfect balanced diet should consist of adequate quantity of both carbs and protein. However try to avoid foods rich in fat. Try to lean up your diet to get the desired outcome