For methods in how to get ripped arms, you will want to do the following exercises. As there are many muscles within the arms, it pays to apply exercises which target all the various muscle groups for the most effect.

The Bicep Muscles

Through the strengthening of the bicep muscles there is more pulling and lifting power. You can really work out your bicep effectively  by doing these exercises.

Bicep Curl Exercises

Using two dumbbell, maintain a straight posture, with both arms and elbows up against your sides. While holding onto the barbell with both hands, the palms should be facing the ceiling.

Lift the weight up towards your chest.
And, lower the weights back down. As you do so, you will be able to feel the bicep muscles being worked.

Doing warm up sets with a lighter weight is often best. Work at completing 2 sets of reps, then go with a heavier weight to do 5 reps of three sets.

Doing The Precher Curl

This exercise can be performed either on an exercise ball, or using a weight bench.

Place a dumbbell in hand. With palms upwards, place your arm extended infront of you.
Start curling the dumbbell up where the forearm is angled 45 degrees to the upper part of the arm. Keep that position for a short time, then return it back down. Do this for 5 reps of 5 sets.

The Triceps

The muscles at the back of your upper arms are known as the triceps. These are normally trained each time there's any force against it. The next bunch of exercises are believed to be some of the best triceps exercises and can be used to build triceps muscles.

The Close Grip Bench Press Exercise

See that your hands are positioned closer than they ordinarily would when doing a regular bench press, and the palms are facing outwards.

As you lie back onto the bench, position your hands on the barbell.
The hands need to be a bit more closer together in width than normal.

After, you have them positioned correctly, lift the weight up with your arms fully extended. Next, have the barbell come back down with the bar shortly touching the chest. And, push back out again. Do this for 5 sets, 5 times.

Tricep Dip

Parallel bars, or two firm chairs will be suitable as long as they can support you well.
Hold onto them properly. Have your legs raised in the air. Then, push yourself back up using your tricep muscles. Sink down, and push yourself up using your triceps.

Do this 5 times, for five sets.

Forearms Grip Exercise

With stronger forearm muscles, your arms will be more supported to carry heavier items.

Using Wrist Curls

With arms positioned on the thighs, have a dumbbell in both hands with the wrists forward and palms upwards.

Take a dumbbell in both hands, with the palms upwards. Then, curl the wrists up, having the forearms stay level. And, let the wrists relax as you return to the initial position.

Exercise the forearms until fatigue.
Doing the reverse of this exercise with palms positioned down, you can curl the wrists forward.

With eating enough protein and training the arms at the most three times per week, your muscles should really grow and you'll be well on your way to get ripped arms.