You don't have to join a gym to get ripped. Working out at home is free and can be easier than going to the gym. Half the battle with a gym membership is showing up and if you workout at home you've already won that first battle.

Follow these steps to get ripped with a home workout.

Things You Will Need

Desire to get ripped

Step 1

Crunches and Sit ups

The truth about Abs will help you to get ripped abs buy changing what you eat and by doing ab workouts like crunches and sit ups. Include these two exercises in your home workout to build up your core muscles.

Step 2

Pull up bar

You can buy a easy to install pull up bar from most stores for about $30. Doing pull ups works your biceps and your back. Many of them (like the one I have) will be removable and can be used to do pushups or dips.

Step 3

Push Ups

Push ups work your chest, shoulders and triceps. You will be able to do a lot of push ups which will help you build a great muscle structure for your chest. Set a goal for the number of push ups you want to be able to do in a minute. Aim high.

Step 4


Working out at home is a part of getting in shape but you will need tools like the diet solution program (see below) to really help you to get in shape. Start counting calories and eat more protein if you are trying to build muscle.

Step 5


Unless you buy cardio equipment you probably have just one option, go running. Running is healthy for your heart and will strip the fat off your body like nothing else. Running is the best way to get ripped while working out from home.

Step 6

Track your progress

Set goals and track your progress. Write down the number of reps you do for each workout and how long your run. As you get stronger and in better shape you will be encouraged to see your progress.

So to get ripped by working out at home you will need to do sit ups to workout your core stomach muscles. Then you will need a pull up bar to workout your biceps and your back muscles. You need to do push ups to workout your chest, shoulders and triceps.

To get ripped you will need to strip away the fat by diet and exercise. Burn off the calories and reduce your body fat. To stay motivated you will need to track your progress.

Tips & Warnings