Getting soft skin is a desire of millions of men and women, the good news is that it isn't that difficult. There are just a few steps that you need to follow and soft skin can be yours. It isn't only a great feeling for yourself, but your partner will also love your skin. No one likes sleeping next to someone with alligator skin! If you're like me, your skin is beat up from the sun and aging. The method that I outline here is what I did to turn my sandpaper-like skin to skin that was almost as soft as a baby's.

Lots of things can cause skin to dry out and become rough. The two main ingredients of rough skin are diet and environment. The sun is a huge contributor to the problem, but things like hard water and pollution will also cause your skin to be rough. Obviously, some things can't be avoided, but if you focus on the ones that you can control you can make skin soft in no time!

Soft Skin Care

Soft skin care starts with your diet. In order to create that soft feel, your skin must be hydrated. The best way to keep hydrated is with water. I know that you're thinking that's an obvious statement, but if everyone drank the amount of water that they needed, no one would ever need lotion! Drink at least a half gallon of water a day, and add more if you've been exercising more than normal or drinking alcohol. Putting the moisture back into your skin this way will almost instantly make it feel softer.

Another benefit of drinking water is that it clears your skin up as well. If you suffer from blemishes or acne, the extra water will help clear them up.

Avoiding prolonged exposure to the sun will help soften your skin. Everyone loves to be tan, and that's okay, just don't get roasted. Long-term sun exposure will give your skin the alligator feel that you're trying to avoid. If you're going to be spending the day in the sun, be sure to wear at least SPF 15 sunscreen to keep from getting fried.

Soft Skin Lotion

There are dozens of soft skin lotions on the market, and each will deliver different results with the level of moisture in your skin. There were some products that worked great for me before I decided to increase the amount of water I was drinking, but those became too greasy afterword. My recommendation is to start with two or three different types and see which makes your skin feel the best now, and hold the others for later.

To get the best results from a moisturizing skin lotion, don't overdo it. It's really easy to continually put lotion on all day, but this is only going to dry your skin and drain your wallet. Find a routine that you can stick to. For me, I used soft skin lotion when I woke up, on my hands in the afternoon, and my whole body before bed.

If there are some brands that you're interested in, be sure to do research online to see what kinds of results they're giving other people. Check the manufacturer's website for coupons or online discounts, then head to Amazon and read the customer reviews to see what everyone else is saying.

If you can stick to a plan of water and lotion, you're well on your way to having the soft skin that you've always wanted.

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