For years tarot has been considered mysterious to many people, or as a fun and entertaining way to pass the time and get some laughs.  Some may view tarot cards as childish entertainment, or as a psychic's quick son to make an extra buck.  But working with the tarot cards can be a mightily rewarding experience, providing you with some much-needed insight and guidance into your day-to-day life.  Here are a few steps for quickly and easily getting started with the tarot:

1. Purchase a tarot deck, or simply buy a brand new pack of playing cards.  Either or both work equally well.  Reading the tarot cards can be done with a simple playing card deck, or a fancy tarot deck purchased from an occult shop.  The choice is yours!  

2. Shuffle the cards, continually cutting the deck and moving small stacks of the cards in to the middle of the rest of the deck.  As you shuffle the deck, keep your question in mind, focusing and concentrating wholly on your question, focusing on what it is you wish to know.  Stop when one card seems to jump out of the deck at you.

3. Hold the single card out in front of you where you can comfortably see it.  Try to feel what the card is trying to tell you.  Hold the image of the card in your mind for a few seconds, concentrating on it and letting the images flow into your psyche.   This is your advice for the question you asked.  If several cards jump out of the deck, lay the rest aside and read them as you have read the above card.  These cards, or card if only a single one jumped out, will provide you with guidance for your question, or for your day if you simply wanted insight into how your day would go.

There are many different tarot spreads, some very intricate and some not so much, but this simple method I have found to be the simplest, easiest way by far!  It is simply up to the individual, though; whatever works for you.  So whether you are laying out the Celtic Cross to read for a room or you are doing a simple one-card reading, whatever works for you is what works.  And remember; have fun with it!