A Great Revenue Earning Opportunity

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Infobarrel is a great article publishing site that offers member authors the chance to receive a share of revenue from the site. Authors publish articles that pertain to various topics. Visitors come to the site for information, Infobarrel earns money as the viewers interact with displayed advertising. The site boasts a large number of authors and thousands of quality articles that have been posted. Various site features are available for members which enhance the usefulness of the site. Based on many site evaluations, Infobarrel is one of the best revenue sharing sites that an author would want to consider.

Signing up for an Infobarrel author account is easy and free. The member profile contains a field where the author's Adsense number can be entered. Those who submit articles, and who have an Adsense number, should always be mindful of the rules of that program. Most importantly, an author should never interact with any advertising that accompanies their own article. In fact, most who use Adsense are careful to never click on any Adsense ads ever. Google is very concerned with advertising abuse so they will terminate any account that is suspected of generating false interactions.

Infobarrel also displays other advertising blocks including Amazon and Chitika. Authors first sign up for those affiliate programs and then they add their individual number to the Infobarrel profile. After these steps are performed, published articles are shown with advertising that lists the author's number.

Note that the site shares revenue. All authors receive a base share of 75% of potential revenue. With additional effort, authors can boost their share to as much as 90%. As well, each article can include up to two links within the body of text. These can be affiliate links would might earn even more revenue for the author.

New members often find that they must wait a considerable time before their first articles are published. Infobarrel enforces strict editorial control on newly joined members. This allows the site operators to prevent poor quality articles from being published. Because the review process is manual, it can be relatively slow. New members should expect a delay when they submit their first articles. The review also applies to article revisions. No reviews are performed during weekend days or holidays adding to publishing delays. New members should be aware of the review realities but they should not be too concerned about them.

In time, those members who consistently submit quality articles will be promoted to "Pre-Approved" status. This allows for instant publishing of content without any automatic review. Be aware that the site operators strive to protect the quality of content on the site. If a pre-approved author submits substandard work, they may be stripped of their pre-approved status.

Many new Infobarrel authors find that obtaining an Adsense identification number is often difficult. Many have reported success by using Blogger.com in addition to Infobarrel. A new author will publish a portfolio of content on a newly created Blogger account. After perhaps ten, or more, articles are published, the author submits an application to the Adsense program. If the application is denied, the author proceeds to publish more articles on their Blogger site. These should be quality articles although the topics can be varied. Be sure that all articles published on Blogger adhere to Adsense guidelines. Articles relating to gambling, hatred or criminal activity are forbidden. There is room for interpretation, however. An article that describes effects of these banned topics may be allowed but authors should be very careful. During the application processing period, authors should completely avoid any hint of such topics.

A newly published article on Infobarrel might be the best work ever written about a certain topic. Unfortunately, even quality work does not guarantee that an author will be successful. Most viewers find information using search engines. The practice of developing quality articles that rank well in search results is called "Search Engine Optimization", or "SEO". An entire industry has emerged which is completely concerned with SEO. As an Infobarrel author, you should be mindful of SEO as well.

Your new articles should be very well written and they should deliver quality content to potential readers. All articles published on Infobarrel must be original and never published anywhere else. Good grammar, spelling and structure are important. Given that an article is well written, it should also use basic SEO practices. The topic of the article should be specified in the title. The topic should be a keyword, (or keyword phrase), which is repeated in the body of the article. For example, this article introduces the topic in the title. The keywords are repeated in the article a number of times. The article addresses the title, getting started writing for Infobarrel, within the text body. There is information to convey about the topic and this article does just that.

Since this article, however, is an instructional text, the SEO considerations are not carried to extremes. Popular thought is that keyword density, (the number of times a given keyword appears in an article), should be between 1% and 5%. For a 1000 word article, an identified keyword might therefore appear between 10 and 50 times in the article. This is not the case with this article. Common sense would establish that high keyword density makes an article look unnatural. Beginners with Infobarrel should keep their keyword density at the low end of the scale, perhaps 1% to 3%.

Note that keyword density is actively monitored by the Infobarrel publishing mechanism. When an article is submitted, the occurrence of words is analyzed. Messages are given when certain words are used too many times in the text. Authors should be careful to edit their work, reducing word occurrences, when the analyzer shows any warnings. Synonyms can be used. If an author finds that a word such as "article" is used too often, they may substitute, "content", "text", "writing" or other words which express the meaning in other terms. Be sure that such substitutions preserve the quality required for the whole article.

An author getting started with Infobarrel should start writing immediately. Post many articles and strive for pre-approved status. Read the help topics and explore the user community forum. The site is one of the better content publishing sites for revenue sharing. Try it out for yourself.