What Is Tremor Games

    Tremor Games is a site that allows users to play games, complete offers, watch videos, trade Steam trading cards and in game items, and more. In order to reward the user for all the hard work and playing they have done, they receive coins. In the store, the user can redeem their coins for rewards such as in game items, trading cards, Steam games and wallet funds. Since I'm sure you are eager to start earning money, lets jump right in.

Getting Started

    In order to keep the coins you earn, you will need to register for an account. Clicking on "New User Register" in the upper right hand corner, and filling in valid information. Note that if you check "I wish to be updated of new Games...", you will get 20 coins to start off with, but this will also send you emails. Now that you are registered, you can start earning coins like a mad man, but it is recommended that you have a strategy before hand.

Earning Tremor Coins

    Although now you can start earning coins by going about and completing offers, you should know how things work. First of all, in order to trade any items such as trading cards or Dota 2 items, you need to redeem a prize from the store. You can do this very quickly by buying a very cheep item, like an emoticon. Look at the end of this section for instructions on how to redeem a prize from the store.

    However, if you want to buy even a cheap emoticon, you need to get some money. There are several ways to get coins. The first and perhaps fastest way is to complete offers. To complete an offer, click on the big red "GET COINS" button in the top menu bar. Once here you can complete any off the offers under all the different categories. Some may be signing up for things, whilst others may be watching a video. I recommend going to the "Tasks" tab as they have very high paying, easy jobs. If you do not want to complete any offers, or simply want to play a game, click on any of the game categories up at the top such as "Achievement", "Cartoon", "Fighting", etc. When you complete a goal in any of these games, you will be rewarded with some coins.

    These are the two ways to get coins at a reasonable pace. You are rewarded a few coins for doing other things, but it is not enough to get you a prize. For instance you get one to five coins based on your time registered for every day you log in. You also get five bonus coins for the first offer you complete of the day. Lastly, when you complete trophies, you get some coins. You can view your trophies by clicking on your username in the green oval in the corner, and then clicking the trophies tab.

    Once you have earned enough coins, you can go and redeem a prize from the store! In order to redeem a prize, click on "Tremor Rewards" in the menu bar up top. Once here you can search through to find the reward you want. Note that they have limited copies of some prizes, so be sure to check that it is in stock! Once you have found a prize you want to get, click "View Item" and then "Purchase". You can also add items you want to your wishlist by clicking add to wishlist to the right of the "Purchase" button.


    This is just the beginning of what you can do with Tremor Games. I hope that this article has helped you earn something on steam, even if it is just an emoticon. Thanks for reading and happy gaming.