If you have vinyl composite tiles (VCT) in your home or office, you should consider getting professional VCT floor maintenance to keep it looking great. With proper and regular maintenance VCT floors will keep its beauty for several years. If your floors are beginning to lose its lustre and have stains, you can still make them look fresh and new again with proper VCT floor care.

After many years of heavy traffic, some parts of your kitchen floors will look worn out and scratched. It may seem impossible to fix but you can actually get rid of deep scratches with VCT stripping and waxing. Professional floor care can give you efficient maintenance and repair work that you may not be able to do. Professional services use industrial strength strippers and heavy-duty equipment.

How VCT Floors Are Serviced By Professionals

Vinyl composite tiles are covered with a wax or special floor finish that gives it a high shine. When it is worn out, your floors may look dull. A professional VCT floor maintenance crew can easily fix dull floors with basic cleaning and then VCT waxing. Ordinary dirt and dust make shiny floors look dull too. You can prevent dirt from making your floors scratched and dull-looking by sweeping and mopping it daily.

VCT floor care for more serious floor damage will entail VCT buffing with the use of a machine. Machine buffing is also practical for cleaning and improving the look of floors in large areas like hospital or office corridors. Supermarket VCT floors will need a lot of buffing considering the amount of foot traffic the flooring gets . Be aware though that high pressure buffing will need a lot of wax treatment first.

Severely damaged floors will need VCT stripping and waxing. Deep scratches on the surface and stains can be removed with this method. This will involve stripping old wax away and applying several coats of fresh wax. Professional equipment will be needed for this task. Some tools that will be necessary to have around are a low-speed buffer, a wet vac, mops and buckets. You will also need a wax stripping solution.

How To Maintain Newly Waxed and Buffed VCT Floors

Your best bet for keeping your floors clean, stain-free and shinny for a longer time to seal your vinyl composite floor. VCT floor maintenance is not that difficult to do. After cleaning you will still need to clean your floors with a neutral-pH floor cleaning solution. Apply this solution with a scrub brush and gently clean the surface without adding too much pressure while scrubbing.

After regular VCT floor care and cleaning, you may apply an acrylic topcoat to the surface with a foam paint brush. Soak the foam brush in the acrylic and paint the floor tiles in even back and forth strokes. Cover the tiles thoroughly with the acrylic sealant. Let it dry according to the recommended time on the label of the sealant. After the surface seems dry, apply 2 more coats of the sealant. Let each layer dry before applying another coat.

The more coats you apply, the more polished your floor will look. Applying more coats of acrylic will also provide better protection from future scratches, dirt and stains. Your floors will look better longer and will be easier to clean in the future. Perform regular basic VCT floor maintenance such as sweeping, mopping, VCT waxing and buffing.

If you need professional VCT floor care, you should be able to find some services on the internet. Check the reputation of the service provider before letting them into your home to service your kitchen floors. Look for a seal of the BBB on their website which acknowledges the reputation of the service provider. Ask for their rates and read the contract well if you are asked to sign one.