When purchasing a motorcycle you usually have much more to pay for then just the cost of the motorcycle. You have tax, freight, dealer DOC fees, title fees, and registration fees. If you bought a bike such as the Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R sport bike you would usually have to pay more than the retail cost of the motorcycle.

The 2009 Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R has a retail cost of $9,799. After you added on freight, taxes, set up fees, licensing, registration and any other miscellaneous fees the dealer adds on you may have well over $12,000 you have spent on your motorcycle that has a retail cost of only $9,799. Many motorcycle dealers are notorious for all of the extra fees they tack on to the cost of a new motorcycle. There is however a motorcycle dealer that is notorious for being the low cost leader for an Out The Door price. An out the door price, or OTD is the entire cost of your new motorcycle including the cost of the bike, taxes, fees, freight, and any other fees the dealer may require you too pay. There is a motorcycle dealer located in 4 different areas that Yamaha R6 Track Bikespecializes in low OTD prices.

The website for the dealer network can be found at www.OTDCycleSports.com and they truly have some of the lowest costs for buying a new motorcycle as opposed to any other dealer in the Country. When you purchase a new motorcycle from OTD Cycle Sports it will be like buying a motorcycle from a dealership owned by your brother or best friend. They will truly get you the best OTD price they can. Usually you can get many bikes OTD for much less than the actual retail price of the same motorcycle at pother dealers. An example is the 2009 Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R.

As mentioned above the Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R retails for $9,799 and you also have to pay taxes, freight, DOC fees, and other miscellaneous charges. This bike can easily wind up costing you $12,000 Out The Door. OTD Cycle Sports is currently selling the 2009 Kawasaki Ninja out the door for $7,899. That out the door price includes all of your taxes and fees. They do no charge any freight fees. Your entire cost for the new bike OTD is $7,899. That is $1,900 less than retail plus it includes all of the taxes and fees. When you purchase a bike such as the 2009 Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R from OTD Cycle Sports you can save around $3,000-$5,000. The money you save by buying from OTD Cycle Sports will easily allow you to buy an airplane ticket and to fly out to one of there dealer ships and then ride your bike home. When you can save thousands of dollars on a new motorcycle then you should definitely buy from a dealer such as them. Why pay $3,000 to $5,000 more for the same motorcycle? You are saving a lot of money when you buy from a dealer like OTD Cycle Sports.

Locations for OTD Cycle Sports

  • LA Cycle Sports in Inglewood ,California
  • LA Yamaha in Marina Del Ray, California
  • Orange County Motorsports in Santa Ana, California
  • OTD Cycle Sports Auburn in Auburn, California
  • OTD Cycle Sports Denver in Denver, Colorado

The OTD Cycle Sports dealers have a wide range of motorcycles you can buy for very low OTD costs. Some of the brands that OTD Cycle Sports sells include:

On the OTD Cycle Sports website they have a few 2009 sport bikes listed with the amazing out the door pricing. In order to see the rest of the pricing for any of the other motorcycles they carry you have to register. Registration is free and simple. After you register you can click on the "Get A Price Quote" on the top left of the screen. You can then select any of the motorcycles and get a true out the door price. Some of the motorcycles are amazing deals and others are just cheaper than most dealers. Many of there OTD prices are higher than the retail price of the bike by a little bit but you have to keep in mind there pricing includes all taxes, fees, etc. There is no hidden charges or upsells with OTD Cycle sports.

At OTD Cycle Sports you canh also purchase snowmobiles, ATV's and water craft. All of the snowmobiles, ATV's and watercraft also have out the door pricing with no BS and no haggling. They simply give you an instant quote that is low and all fees and taxes are included. The price they quote you instantly is the price you pay. No hidden charges when you purchase from OTD Cycle Sports.

Many of the lowest prices for there out the door pricing is for 2009 model years.

The instant quotes from OTD Cycle Sports will show you which showrooms have the motorcycle and the price at each dealer.

The 2009 Honda Rebel is available at two dealers. The out the door pricing for the 2009 Honda Rebel is $4,299 at the Auburn dealer while it is only $3,799 out the door at the dealer in Inglewood.

The Suzuki Gladius is available out the door with all taxes for $6,999 at 3 of the California locations. In Denver at the dealer you can get the Suzuki Gladius out the door for $6,899.

The Triumph Bonneville is available at two locations for $8,999 out the door. Most dealers sell the Triumph Bonneville motorcycle for $8,999 but then you also have to pay taxes, freight, and other fees. With OTD Cycle Sports you get the Triumph Bonneville for $8,999 including all taxes and miscellaneous charges and fees.

OTD Cycle Sports consistently offers the lowest out the door pricing of any dealer in the Country. When looking to buy a new motorcycle take a look at OTD Cycle Sports website first and then see if your local dealer will match the out the door price they offer. Odds are they either will not match there price or simply can not match the out the door price that OTD Cycle Sports offers. Image Credit: (Flickr/Luigi Dionisio)