SaleOnce a year there comes a day unlike any other. A day which some consider to be the ultimate sale extravaganza of the entire year. People old and young, rich and poor come out to face their fellow shoppers and fight for the best deals. Sleeping on sidewalks, curled up with coffee and a magazine just waiting for those doors to open. Yes, Black Friday brings out the bargain shopper in all of us.
Last year was my 1st experience with Black Friday and what an experience it was. 4:00 a.m. is when I arrived at Wal-Mart. I thought that was early, but apparently after pulling into the parking lot and seeing the line that stretched around Wal-Mart, TWICE I realized that 4:00 a.m. was not early enough! I slowly drove by the handful of policemen, there to keep the peace, parked and grabbed my coffee before reluctantly heading out to get in line. I walked, and walked, and walked and just when I thought I was at the end of the line I walked some more! Never had I seen a line like that in all of my life. I did not even get into the store until an at least an hour after they opened the door, that is how long it took to pile all those shoppers inside. Naturally, once I was in I waited again. One could literally not take more than a single step without stopping. The sea of people that crowded the isles was endless and I remember standing there thinking all of this for a $10.00 Shop Vac and Vtec Computer!
Here's the deal for those of you who have not yet embarked on this adventure! Black Friday is indeed a great day for deals. You will find the item's you really want for the lowest prices all year. The offers are insane and the consumers love it. Retail stores alike anticipate Black Friday all year especially in such tough economic times as these. Black Friday is conviently close to Christmas and shoppers are ready to get those Christmas gifts for rock bottom prices. Some even wait for this day to get item's they have been wanting for themselves all year long. It really is a win win situation if you work it right. However if this is your 1st trial you must prepare yourself. Know that above all things this day will be complete and crazy madness, people push and pull and grab and have no remorse, at all! So if your up for the challenge and ready to see what all the hype is about here are a few tip's to get the most out of your Black Friday experience.

I found a site last year that was extremely helpful! Before you head out take the time a few days beforeBlack Friday Black Friday to look on the site lists all the sales for Black Friday. Retail stores release what there deals are going to be and this site contains all of them in one spot. This way you wont have to look up each individual store. It is very convenient and time saving!

Everyone is going to have a deal the trick is to find out who has the best deal! Now that you know who is offering what decide where you are going to go to get it! Just because Best Buy has an awesome deal on a flat screen or Blu-ray player doesn't mean you can get a better deal at Target or Wal-Mart. Explore all your options before deciding which stores to make your purchases at.

Make A List
Now that you have done your research or while your doing it , make a list of the items that you want, which stores they are at, and the sale price. This will keep you organized and allow you to generate a game plan for Black Friday. You don't want to be running around in chaos forgetting why you were there in the first place.

Divide to Multiply
You have a list now and most likely it's pretty long. Truth is you can be everywhere at once! Black Friday is crazy and certain best sellers fly off the shelves. If you can team up with friends or family Dealsmembers who have also decided to shop Black Friday this will be very beneficial. If you shop with one or more other people you can divide your lists and split up within the store. One person can go to toys while someone else go's to electronics, etc.. Meet back at a designated spot and divide the items, once again make sure you have your lists. It will save you time and give you a greater chance of getting all the items you want.

Split the Stores
Now if you have certain items that you want and they are not all offered by the same store you could divide your team as stated above just at different stores. Lets say you really want an ipod at Best Buy and you know that they will run out with the great Black Friday special they are offering and you also want uitar Guitar Hero from Wal-Mart which you also know they will sell out of, send one person to wait over at Best Buy while you wait at Wal-Mart. Splitting up this way will also save you time and again help ensure you are getting everything on your list.

Go Prepared and On Time
The one thing you don't want to be on Black Friday is late. If your late your doomed! Not only will you have to wait longer you most likely wont get a lot of the items on your list. Set your alarm I'd say as early as 2:00 a.m to get where your going by 3:00a.m. I know it sounds crazy but there are people, many many people, who actually spend the night outside so really 2:00 is not all that bad. Be prepared to wait. It is going to be cold and dark! Bring coffee, a DS or a magazine, a chair, and food! If the store your at opens at 6:00 a.m and your there at 3:00, that's a long wait so be prepared!

Black Friday lasts only one day so make sure you get what you can while it lasts. It really isn't all that bad, it's actually quite fun. Crazy but fun! Who knows, maybe after this year you'll make it a tradition! Happy Shopping!