Google Using Coca Cola Font

The fonts used for the logos of many websites are instantly recognisable.The Google logo using a 'Catull typeface' is now almost as widely known as the Coca Cola logo using a 'Spencerian script'.The image above shows a great example of how fonts can be copied and manipulated by displaying Google using the famous Coca Cola font.

Finding the names of fonts used by the major brands is not a problem but have you ever seen a cool font on a lesser known website and tried to find the name ?

There are not only millions of fonts available but also multiple variations of each font, for example the popular Georgia font also comes as Georgia Bold, Georgia Roman and Georgia Heavy to name a few.

MyFonts have a handy gadget that allows you to upload an image containing a font and they will scan the image and return a list of matches.For most fonts they will return an exact match or at least an extremely close resemblance.

The gadget is called What The Font

How accurate is it ?

I ran the Google logo through to see what they return and apart from mistaking the letter g for the number 8 it wasn't too bad !

What The Font

The Google logo probably wasn't the easiest example to use so if your stuck looking for the ultimate font for your sites header try it out.The also offer the option to enter the URL of a website and fetch the font that way.But If Your Looking For A Cool Font this should help.

Creating your own unique logo is another way to go.Apart from Photoshop there are many free image editing alternatives that provide easy to follow steps for creating custom logos and banners.