A stroller footmuff is the perfect accessory to protect your baby during those cold winter days. Taking your baby out, every day, for a walk, it’s important: the fresh air helps them sleep better. All the parents know how hard it is to stay inside with a baby who enjoys his or her daily walk. However, most parents avoid spending time outside with the baby, when the weather is very cold. Putting a lot of thick clothes on a small baby is hard on the parents and uncomfortable for the baby. With a stroller footmuff, you avoid all those problems. All you have to do is dressing your baby as you normally do and putting him or her inside the footmuff. Pick one made of natural materials, like wool or cotton. The baby will be comfortable and warm enough, having the possibility to move around a little, inside the footmuff. Every stroller brand makes footmuffs designed to fit their products. Sometimes, the footmuff comes with the stroller, and, in other cases, you need to buy it separately.

Bugaboo Stroller Footmuff, Black
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(price as of Jun 28, 2013)
Many more colours available

Maxi Cosi Stroller Footmuff

One of the most famous stroller brands, Maxi Cosi offers you different options. You can either get a stroller already equipped with the footmuff, Maxi Cosi Stroller FootmuffCredit: Amazon.comor you can buy it separately, if you realize you need one. The Maxi Cosi stroller footmuff is easy to use, because it has a Velcro closing and opening system. You can open the upper part of the footmuff as much as you want, providing extra ventilation for the baby. The material allows the body to breathe, so the baby  won’t get too hot and all sweaty inside. The interior padding is soft and non allergenic, made of cotton. The footmuff is washable in the washing machine, so you don’t have problems maintaining it.

Koochi Whoosh Stroller Footmuff

If you are shopping for this particular brand, you need to know that you can find a Koochi Whoosh stroller footmuff not only in the storesJJ Cole Urban Bundle Me Stroller FootmuffCredit: Amazon.com that sell the stroller, but also online, at great prices. The footmuffs are different for the different types of strollers, so when you get one you need to know the model of your Koochi Whoosh stroller. You can find the footmuffs in a big variety of colors, so you will probably be able to find the color that suits perfectly your stroller. If you are interested, you can also get a matching bag for you, to carry all the baby stuff you need.

Wallaboo Stroller Footmuff 

The greatest part about a Wallaboo stroller footmuff is that it offers you good control over the interior temperature and ventilation. Footmuffs from Wallaboo are made of microfibers, which allow the air to circulate, keeping a comfortable temperature inside. The top part is detachable thanks to the double zippers: you can open them easily and check the baby every timeQuinny Buzz Stroller FootmuffCredit: Amazon.com you need too. The soft interior lining doesn’t irritate the delicate baby skin and it’s the perfect environment for a relaxing walk and a nice nap.

Maclaren XLR Stroller Footmuff 

If you already have this stroller brand, then finding the footmuff it’s an easy job.  A Maclaren XLR stroller footmuff fits all the strollers sold by this particular manufacturer. They are very easy to fix inside the stroller, and very comfortable to use to. With some of those accessories, you need to slip the baby inside first, then to place the footmuff inside the stroller. Well, that’s not the case here: you can easily put the baby inside and take him or her out without having to spend minutes removing the footmuff from the stroller. Available in a lot of colors: navy blue, coffee brown, pink, you can match it with your stroller. The microfiber lining is perfect for keeping the baby warm and cozy, without making him or her too hot or uncomfortable.

Maclaren Universal Footmuff, Scarlet
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(price as of Jun 28, 2013)

How to Pick The Right Stroller Footmuff Pattern 

Whether you intend to buy a footmuff or you intend to sew it yourself, you need to decide first on the right footmuff pattern. There are several things you need to consider: safety, accessibility, size and shape. You should pick a pattern that can by attached to the stroller in at least three points and that also has a reliable safety belt system. Also, footmuffs with zippers on both sizes, which you can open completely, are much easier to use. The quality of the material is another important feature. Make sure you pick good-quality materials and natural fiber for the inside padding.