It's very important to get the right toys for 2 year olds. At this age, children accumulate a lot of information. In fact, during the first three years of life, children will learn 90% of the skills he or she will use during the entire life. Also, at this young age children are extremely curious and they explore everything with their hands and mouth. Toys for 2 s olds should meet a lot of safety standards. When buying toys for 2 year olds you need to make sure they don't have small parts that could be detached and swallowed by toddlers. Don't underestimate the strength and the curiosity of small children. If there is something that can be put inside the mouth, nose or ear, can be detached or broke into smaller pieces, a toddler will certainly do that. The right strategy is to buy only best quality toys, from well-established, reputable manufacturers. Read all the manufacturer's specifications from the label and only buy age appropriate toys for 2 year olds.

Toys For 2 Year Olds – Help Them Enrich Their Vocabulary

Toddlers this age already have a vocabulary of tens of words and they speak in sample sentences. It's important to stimulate them to learn and to use new words. This is why very important toys for 2 year olds are picture books featuring short stories. Read those books to children every day and show them the pictures that illustrate what you are saying. This way, they will easily learn a lot of new words and abstract notions like inside and outside, under and on top. Battery-operated toys for 2 year olds that make all sorts or sounds and lights, pronouncing common words and making animal noises will also catch their attention and enrich their vocabulary.

Toys For 2 Year Olds – Simple Puzzles And Shape Matching Toys

Suitable toys for 2 year olds are the ones that teach them colors and shapes in a fun way. If putting the green start in the right place will make a happy sound, the child will be stimulated to pay a lot of attention to colors and shapes. With the right educational toys for your 2 year olds, you little one will learn in no time all those new, exciting concepts. You should get battery operated puzzles that reward correct answers with songs and lights because interactive toys will make children entertain themselves, without your intervention. When buying battery-operated toys for 2 year olds, you need to make sure that the toddler doesn't have access to the batteries. Batteries are extremely dangerous, since they are small and really easy to swallow.

Toys For 2 Year Olds – Your Little Help Around The House

Children love to imitate everything their parents do around the house. They want to cook, clean and to repair pipes with dad. Great toys for 2 year olds are kitchen sets and tools sets. A small vacuum cleaner or a screwdriver will make them happy and will save you a lot of trouble. If they have they own tools, the children will stay away from the real, dangerous items. You'll have the chance to get some work done around the house and still enjoy good quality time with your little one.

Toys For 2 Year Olds – Dolls, Stuffed Animals And Action Heroes

Children this age have a vivid imagination and they make a lot of imaginary friends. From that perspective, suitable toys for 2 year olds are the entire range of dolls, stuffed animals and action heroes, You need to pay a lot of attention to details like detachable arms and hands or eyes that are easy to remove, because they can cause a lot serious injuries. When buying such toys for 2 year olds, you have to read carefully the manufacturer's specifications about that product. Don't give to toddles toys that are designed for older children, even if they might look safe enough to you.

Toys For 2 Year Olds – Sports Toys

It's never to early to build healthy habits for your child, Getting sports toys for 2 year olds is a good way to familiarize them with such activities. Small balls, baseball bats, basketball baskets are just a few ideas about the type of sports toys for 2 year olds. Of course, you can't buy them real sports gear, the kind you would get for 8 year olds, for example, but small scale, light, age appropriate equipment.