If your online business is associated with online shopping, the holidays can be an incredibly busy, but extremely profitable time for you. The gaming industry, eBay, golfing industry, or any product that may constitute a popular gift are prime targets for holiday shoppers.

On the other hand, if you make money online with information products or services, you might experience a slowdown of sales. Somehow, a PDF eBook just doesn't cut it as a desired holiday gift. While your sales trickle down, your money is pouring out to buy presents, entertain and other money-grasping methods to take your hard-earned dollars.

Whether more money is coming in than going out because you're in a product-based niche or your business has come to a near standstill because you're in an information-based niche, the typical stress associated with the holidays will find you.

Keep Your Cool

High-stress businesses like Internet marketing become even more so during the holidays. Even if you've planned ahead for the onslaught of business – or lack thereof – you may find yourself overwhelmed. You want to enjoy the holidays with your friends and family, but even during the "normal" times you have trouble finding time to pay attention to your business and give your family the extra attention they need and deserve.

Time management has never been as important throughout the year as it is now. If you've practiced good time management skills during the year, you know how important it is to stick to a routine. But, how do you keep to a schedule during the holidays when everything in your life is topsy turvy?

Here are some tips on how to keep your cool during the holidays, your business intact, and your family happy.

- Delegate. Whenever possible, enlist help for whatever needs to be done.

Do you know a high school kid who might be looking for ways to make extra spending money during the holidays? He or she could run errands, wrap presents, watch the kids and even shop for you if you're specific about what you want.

Realize that things might not be done just as you would do them, but these are the holidays! Relax and enjoy what they symbolize and don't sweat the small stuff.

- Don't waste your time. Don't spend your valuable time going to parties or attending functions that you don't really enjoy.

Pick and choose your company, especially during the holidays. Learn to say "No!" to all those holiday-type requests that rob you of your time (and your sanity) and instead, be with those you love or enjoy being around.

- Keep to a physical fitness or meditation routine. Nothing gets you down worse than letting yourself go. You'll see it in the mirror, in the way your clothes fit and mostly in your attitude.

If meditation helps to keep you on track and focused during the rest of the year, don't abandon the routine during the holidays. Keep to a schedule whenever you can.

- Get plenty of sleep. It may be tempting to stay up late during the holidays. There's so much going on that you don't want to miss – visits from friends, plays or programs at your children's school.

So try to get as much rest as you can during this ever so stressful time. If you find yourself sinking one day after a night of partying too much, plan a nap or something that you know will relax your body and your mind.

- Use the KISS method – "Keep It Simple Stupid" is especially useful to remember and utilize during the holidays.

You can't do everything to perfection – even though Hollywood and advertisements hype that you can. Simplify your life during the holidays any way you can. You don't have to bake all the pies or find the perfect gift for a friend. Holidays are to be enjoyed and moments created that you'll treasure forever. Don't get lost in the "doing" and forget to relax and enjoy the most important things.

Internet marketing entrepreneurs aren't unique when it comes to stressing out during the holidays. Retail, mail order and food businesses thrive this time of the year, and while the money may be great, the tension associated with it must be dealt with.

Stress Busters for Your Budget

People in high stress careers like online marketing often experience "guilt" throughout the year because they aren't spending enough time with their families and friends. So, it's easy during the holiday season to want to "make up" for all the neglect by purchasing lots of expensive gifts.

If your business is suddenly raking in the money during the holiday season, it's even easier to spend money that you should be putting away for a slower time. That's why it's so important to formulate a budget during the holidays – and stick to it!

Here are some thoughts on how to make the season bright without breaking the bank.

- Place treasured photographs in new frames and give them as gifts. This is a very inexpensive way to give something that will remain a cherished gift forever. You can also choose other treasures to give – an old train set you had as a kid or a favorite piece of jewelry passed down through generations.

- If you must throw a party, make it pot luck. Ask your friends and family to bring their favorite holiday dishes and a bottle of wine or whatever they wish to drink. This can save you lots of money and cut down on the stress of party planning too.

- Teach your kids the true meaning of Christmas by showing them how to help others less fortunate. Tell them you're going to stick to a budget this Christmas, so the gifts may not be as elaborate. Then, take them to a soup kitchen or orphanage to help serve others. They'll realize how fortunate they are and will quickly grasp the true meaning of the holiday season.

The bottom line is that you don't have to sacrifice the joy of the holidays by worrying about paying for it afterward. Create memories to treasure for a lifetime rather than giving something that will be all but forgotten in time.

Relax, reward yourself and pause to remember what the season is all about.