Website Traffic from comments
One of the easiest ways to get free website traffic and backlinks for your blog or website is by leaving comments on other blog posts.All blogs allow you to add your URL when leaving a comment and this can be a great way of building traffic.

You can profit by leaving comments in two ways

1. Traffic from comments - When you leave a comment you have the option to include your website URL.This URL is usually added to the name or nickname you used to comment as.So after you fill out the comment form and submit, if you clicked you name it will lead back to your site.If you leave an interesting comment or a comment that ads to the conversation other readers will be impressed and click through to see your site giving your website free traffic.

2. Backlinks from comments - One of the biggest deciding factors in search engine ranking is backlinks.Backlinks boost your PageRank and PageRank boosts your search ranking on Google.Their are many ways to build backlinks and As your name on the comment form contains your URL it is a backlink to your site.Only some blogs will provide you with a backlink from comments as many blogs are 'No-Follow' and this is very important.

No-Follow Comment Forms

no-followWhen Google crawl a blog as well as picking up the content on each page they pick up any URL links.When these links point to other websites Google use this like a recommendation for that site.The more recommendations for your site they find around the Internet the higher you will rank in search results.

Bloggers can however stop Google from picking up the links in the comment form and in fact many comment forms stop links from being picked up by default.This is done by adding a 'No-Follow' attribute to the blogs template code.As the name suggests it is telling the Goggle crawler to not follow these links.

Do-Follow Comments

You Comment I FollowMany bloggers want to provide an incentive for readers to comment so they set their comments to 'Do-Follow'.Now when Google crawl their blog they will pick up the links in the comments and use them as a recommendation.Leaving comments on these blogs can give your site a real boost.Most blogs that have Do-Follow comments will inform readers with some text or an image and you may have seen these used on some of your favorite blogs.Usually the term used for this is "You Comment I Follow".You can also search and find lists of Do-Follow blogs however you must be clever to get your comments published on Do-Follow blogs.

Moderated Blog Comments

The owners of Do-Follow blogs (Myself Included) know that by providing this opportunity for users to build backlinks we are opening up a portal for spammers.For this reason we are extra vigilant when it comes to moderating comments.Simply put if you try to leave lots of links or silly comments they will never reach the page and your time will have been wasted.

Get Your Comments Approved

Good CommentsSo to get traffic and increase your Google PageRank from comments their are a few rules you should follow when leaving comments.

1. Use your own name when commenting - Don't leave comments using your website name or promotional terms like 'MakeMoneyOnline'.Use your proper first name, full name or regular nickname.

2. Read The Post Your Commenting On - You should at least scan the post you are about to comment on.You comment will need to be On-Topic for it to be approved.Try to leave comments with 3-4 sentences that make sense.

3. Praise The Author - We are all vein so telling the author how great they are will defiantly help get your comments approved.Thank them for the help or for the information it's nice to be nice.

4. Don't Add Extra Links in the comment - Every day i have to delete comments because their are spam links in the body of the comment.An example would be "Nice Post and then five URLs that serve no purpose" What Is That About ! They must know it's going to be deleted.Add your URL were requested and nowhere else.Another idea here is to not only add the URL of your homepage but for some comments use the URL of different pages from your blog or website.You worked hard to build a great Blog so Spread the free traffic around your website.

These points will help promote your website or blog without too much work and getting involved in the conversation on blogs is also good fun.Leaving a comment takes less than a minute so when ever you read a post leave a comment.It's a Win-Win situation for everyone involved.