How to Get Up in the Morning

How to get up in the morning? We have all asked ourselves this question. Often we try to go to bed early and hope that we can wake up in time and not be rushed. Our alarm clocks usually receive several “snooze” beatings before we manage to drag ourselves out of our warm beds.

For some of us we even throw the clock across the room to silence it forever. It would be nice to just be able to get out of bed and get on with our day.  Sometimes we end up getting up in the morning too late and this can put us in trouble with our boss or if you’re younger, get your parents yelling at you.

We just can't seem to wake up on time no matter how hard we try. What if there was an alarm clock that was designed to help us wake up in a new way? If you want to learn how to wake up there’s a new alarm clock that will help you with this task.

Alarm Clocks to Help you Wake Up

There are many different alarm clocks that help you wake up in the morning but there are some that are just unique and offer a new solution to age old question of how to wake up in the morning. Clocky is a new alarm clock with wheels that will let you snooze once you hit the button but will actually get up and roll off your nightstand if you don’t get out of bed and turn the clock off. This clock with run around your room and you’ll have to chase it down to turn it off. 


The clock has up to nine minutes of snooze time and you can turn off the wheels if you don’t want your alarm clock to run away from you and hide in your room somewhere. The display screen includes a PM indicator light and a low battery notification icon, as well as wheels and alarm icons to signify that these functions are on. The clock can’t maneuver in shag style carpets and you’ll need to remove object away from your nightstand that might damage the clock as it falls off to make its getaway. 

This clock has an almost R2D2 like sound to it. Thankfully it doesn’t sound like C3PO. “I say, you need to wake up there, no snoozing. “Dear god you put me the wrong way on the nightstand, I’m backwards!” There’s Dog the Bounty Hunter, maybe we can have a new profession the clock hunter. “Honey the clock has run away again, better call the private investigator.”

Other Ways to Wake Up in the Morning

The easiest way to wake up in the morning is to just go to bed at a decent hour and keep a regular schedule. Eating balanced meals and drinking plenty of water will help you keep up your energy levels and make it easier to fall asleep when you need the rest.  Keeping a good routine is the easiest way to learn how to wake up in the morning. I am usually up by 6am each morning, although I sleep in on the weekends. Another tip is to limit your intake of caffeine which can play havoc on your sleep patterns and make falling asleep difficult which in turn makes it harder to wake up in the morning.

Try a set sleeping pattern for one week and see if you find it easier to get up in the morning. Go to bed at the same time each night and set the clock for the same time each morning. Once your body recognizes these patterns you'll find it easier to get up in the morning. 

Many Ways to Learn How to Get Up in the Morning

It’s easier to get up in the morning if you stick to that routine. Of course you can try Clocky and it would make a great gag gift for a spouse or other loved one who is always sleeping in. It might even be the product you are looking for yourself, and who knows you might even get some early morning exercise chasing the thing down around your room.