As an affiliate marketer you will be required to wear many hats and undertake many jobs. One of the most important is to get customers to your offers. Learning how to get website traffic will be job one. After all, tweaking your sales page to increase your conversion rates or making sales can't be done without traffic.

There are probably hundreds of different techniques you can use to get traffic to your offers. This is what confuses many newbies online. They don't often realize that many of the products that promise to make them a ton of money virtually overnight are really just methods of getting traffic.

You don't need to buy some of these hyped up products. If you want to get a lot of traffic that is very targeted to your niche, you can actually use several methods that are time tested and best of all, free.

The first one of these effective free methods I'm going to tell you about is article marketing. Now, I hear all the time that some guru will say that article marketing is dead. I say, B...S... The search engines need and want quality original content, until or unless that changes article marketing will work.

The one thing you have to remember with article marketing though is that you will need to get a lot of articles out circulating if you want to see an increase in traffic.

You will also need to carefully chose which keywords you want to write your articles about. Once you've gotten your keyword list simply write one, or more, articles around each keyword and submit them to free online article directories.

This is totally free to do and if you've written a good article it can stay in circulation for years. Do the work once and you can reap the benefits for years to come.

Here's another tip on how to get website traffic; stay away from all the paid sources of traffic such as ppc. Pay per click (PPC) is a very effective method, unfortunately it's also expensive and somewhat complicated.

I always tell people to hold off on this method until they are already making some money. That way they won't be fretting over the fact that they are spending more money than they are making, which I can almost guarantee will happen when you first start out.

Learning how to get website traffic should be an ongoing education. Once you've perfected one method learn how to do another. Keep doing that until two things have happened: one you are getting enough traffic to be making all the money you want to make and, two, you have at least 3 different traffic generation methods in place. Never put all your eggs in one basket.